11 Apr

Technological Breakthrough: Plastic Electronics


The field of plastic electronics has been given a boost with the invention of a …

08 Apr

Interview: Creator of the SolarPod

Solar Sphere

This new solar panel kit might change everything for homeowners.  It’s a new system that …

07 Apr

Toray Unveils New Self-Repairing Film for Electronic Devices


Toray, a company based in Japan, which specializes in products focused around IT components as …

05 Apr

Sun Boxes from Craig Colorusso

Craig Colorusso

Sun Boxes is a solar powered sound installation. It’s comprised of twenty speakers operating independently, …

05 Apr

Micromax to Launch Solar Panel Phone


Micromax may not enjoy global popularity, but in India, it has enjoyed the status of …

02 Apr

The Neon Green Big Piggy Power Bank


Inventions like Neon Green’s piggy power bank make for interesting solar units that can provide …

31 Mar

The Nokero N220 Solar Bulb


With over twenty percent of the world’s population still living in darkness, which might seem …

28 Mar

Mobile Power-Up Options

Cooler Planet

No wall outlet required – just some cool new gadgets on the market that produce …

28 Mar

Jam To Your iPhone with the Cardboard-Constructed Berlin Boombox


Vinyl record players, Sony Walkmans that use cassettes and giant Boombox on someone’s shoulder are …

27 Mar

The O’Sun Solar Powered LED Lamp


There are many parts of the world where even today electricity is a luxury and …

26 Mar

The 4 Sickest Green Gadgets for your Home


1. iBamboo iPhone Speaker iPhone speaker docks are all the rage, but use a lot of …

24 Mar

The Hyquator Portable Solar Water Purifier


This portable solar-powered device is laced with photovoltaic panels that allow it to disinfect water …