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NY Times: “Clean Car Boom” is Here

NY Times: “Clean Car Boom” is Here

As we noted the other day, “this is a good time to be in the business of selling electric vehicles.” Why?  Three main reasons: 1) more choice; 2) lower electric vehicle prices; and 3) higher gasoline prices. All of this has resulted in “sales of electric cars hav[ing] more than doubled in the U.S. during


The 6 Coolest Solar Laptop Chargers

Even after the advent of tablets and notebooks, laptops are still the best work companion. Lots of storage space and a high speed, powerful processor make laptops very user friendly. We would like to take our laptops with us wherever we go and get some work done on our way. But travelling, camping and outdoor


LDK Solar Defaults on Convertible Notes

On the heels of Suntech’s bankruptcy last month, LDK Solar Company Ltd. (Xinyu City, China) failed to make  full payments of $23.8 million-worth of 4.75% convertible notes due this year. LDK was able to reach a private agreement on some cash payments and payment postponement with two other holders of $16.6M in notes. The company


In Focus: Green Gadgets for the Home

As the harsh reality of global warming continues to strike fear and suffering on a frighteningly consistent basis in the form of natural disasters, it’s about time we acknowledge our role as the most intelligent species on the planet and play our part more seriously. Fortunately, putting your environmentally conscious intentions and strategies in line


Foxconn Goes Solar

Infamous Foxconn, best known for the deplorable working conditions for Chinese workers that make Apple’s iPod and other products, is intent on developing a strong presence in the solar industry. The company first announced this decision in 2011 at the height of overcapacity in the industry. The last thing that was needed was a big new player that would bring


Did You Know? Smartphones Reduce Energy Usage

Smartphones are an increasingly ubiquitous aspect of modern life and research shows that they are decreasing the amount of energy used globally. This is the finding from Outlier, a research group that explores trends in how people use energy. As reported in Energy Manager Today smartphone sales volumes in 2012 were estimated at 717 million


Eco Design at The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show

The 2013 International CES show is the biggest trade show in the Americas and includes some of the newest eco-design and sustainable technologies. The show is organized by the Consumer Electronics Association and takes place in Las Vegas from January 8 to January 11. Last year 156,000 people attended CES 2012. The show is huge



Over the last 50 years computing power has migrated from the mainframe, to the desktop, to the laptop, and now, with almost-equivalent computing capability, onto mobile devices, tablets, and smart phones. And tomorrow? If you were in Scottsdale, AZ in November for the now semi-annual MEMS Executive Congress, you would have heard about the latest


A123 Systems: Going to Zero?

There was so much enthusiasm when high-performance battery manufacturer A123 Systems (NASDAQ:AONE) came on the scene. The promise of an advanced battery manufacturing facility pumping out batteries for next-generation electric cars while providing jobs for US workers was a bold one, and one that a lot of folks cheered. But certain realities rapidly turned that


Can Vivint be the Biggest U.S Solar Installer in 2013?

  Following on the heels of the announcement that Vivint would be purchased by Blackstone for more than $2 billion, Vivint has said it plans to install solar on at least 10,000 homes in 2013. That’s according to founder Todd Pederson, who discussed expansion plans with Bloomberg earlier this week. That’s up significantly from about


In Focus: DIY Consumption

There is a revolution underway that is transforming consumption. If the twentieth century was marked by hyper-consumption the twenty-first century will be marked by collaborative consumption. This new form of consumption is being facilitated by a wide range of technological innovations. Social media is a great example of technologies that contribute to the new model


Ascent Solar Lands Pilot Program at Foxconn

Ascent Solar, a thin-film manufacturer based in Thornton, Colo., has penned an agreement to provide solar panels to major electronics manufacturer Foxconn in China. The agreement is for a small pilot project, said Ascent president and CEO Victor Lee. Foxconn’s name will be printed in Ascent Solar’s CIGS thin-film solar photovoltaic panels across its canvas


World’s First Truly Renewable Energy Nation: Tokelau

Tokelau, a small group of Pacific atolls off the coast of New Zealand, is well on its way to becoming the world’s first truly renewable nation. Housing 1,400 people, the island is currently dependent on diesel fuel generators, burning 200 litres of gas daily. However, the residents hope to shed this wasteful habit by October


Power Management ICs: Paving The Way for Greener Electronics

There has been a movement in the semiconductor industry over the last decade to meet the increasing demand for greener electronics for a whole host of applications in the consumer and industrial sectors. The driving forces include: increasing energy demand and prices trending higher, growing concerns over the expanding carbon footprint of energy production and