Chinese Student Creates Solar Powered Egg House

In an effort to reduce his living expenditure in a city likeBeijing, Daihai Fei, a 24-year-old Chinese student, has started livingin a house that he crafted on a bamboo frame covered with variousinsulating materials topped with a layer of stitched bag. The bags arefilled with sawdust and grass seeds, which the creator waters to enhance […] Read more

XPAL’s Solar Egg Charger

Thelatest advancements in solar technology have created a rush ofsolar-powered chargers on the market. However, most of these devicesneed long hours under direct sun to recharge the onboard batteries.Unlike most of such devices, XPAL has delivered the Solar Egg, whichaccording to the company can recharge its 500mAh battery to 90%capacity in just four hours of […] Read more