11 Jul

Energy Efficiency = More Sex?

Climate Progress

My first foray into this topic, “Sex is better with energy efficiency,” was warmly – …

06 Jul

In Focus: California Energy Use

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Californians are poised for a more functional, data-driven model for setting the prices people pay …

06 Jul

Top Ways To Cut Back On Fuel Consumption


It’s no secret that today’s car manufacturers have spent a good deal of time in …

26 Jun

40 of the Sickest Eco Apps

The Green Market Oracle

Technology may not be a panacea to solve the climate crisis, but green applications (eco-apps) …

19 Jun

Energy Efficiency vs. Solar Power


“Solar is sexy. Weatherstripping is not.” The statement elicited a few laughs from the crowd …

18 Jun

Oregon Releases 10 Year Energy Plan


Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber released a 10-year Energy Plan, and unlike that of the House in …

18 Jun

No Go: New UK Energy Efficiency Plan

Green Chip Stocks

Green Campaigners are extremely disappointed with the result of a recent Energy Council meeting, in …

18 Jun

How Cool Roofs are Helping Climate Change


It makes so much difference and is so easy to do that NYC is in …

17 Jun

American Homes: Using Less Energy

3000 Quads

You used to be able to predict how much energy a home would use, just …

15 Jun

Top 10 Ways San Antonio Keeps it Green

Green Chip Stocks

San Antonio is not new to clean technologies as Texas is one of the leaders …

14 Jun

DOE Creates Efficiency Committee


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has formed an interagency committee to test and evaluate energy efficient technologies …

14 Jun

Europe Pushes Energy Efficiency


Although the European Union is on track to meet its climate targets, there’s one area …