06 Sep

Silevo Brings 21% Efficient PV Modules to Market


Silevo, Inc. is bringing a new type of silicon-based photovoltaic to the market that the …

28 Aug

Update: Israel’s Solar Market

AtisSun Solar Insider News

Fifty years ago, Israel was on the cusp of developing a promising solar industry. Solar …

20 Aug

MicroPro’s Wooden Tablet: Greenest Computer on Earth?

2050 Magazine

Irish manufacturer MicroPro to launch it ‘Iameco’ wooden tablet computer in September. It will be …

17 Aug

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars for the Money


Given the state of the economy, affordability is the current buzzword you’ve probably been hearing …

17 Aug

Nano Coating Could Make Solar Panels Self-Cleaning


Seamus “Shay” Curran, director of the University of Houston’s Institute for NanoEnergy, doesn’t like cleaning …

14 Aug

Developing Resource Efficient Cities

Suntech Connect

As home to more than half the world’s population, cities consume 75% of natural resources, …

13 Aug

Getting The Word Out On The Potential of Energy Efficiency

Scaling Green

We recently posted about New York Times’ senior energy reporter Matt Wald’s thoughts on whether …

12 Aug

Energy Efficiency: Is It The Real Deal?


According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), peak electric loads in the U.S. are 20,800 …

03 Aug

The World’s Lowest Emissions Building


One of Japan’s largest construction companies is making a bold claim. Shimuzu Corp. believes its …

30 Jul

China’s Renewable Energy Targets

Green Chip Stocks

China has repeatedly increased the Solar capacity targets since the last one year as solar …

23 Jul

In Focus: The Greening of American Sports

Climate Progress

The multi-billion dollar American sports industry may not be the most polluting industry, but it …

22 Jul

Renewable Transportation Fuels Gaining Popularity with Large Corporations

Scaling Green

Below are excerpts from an interesting article at AOL Energy, providing yet more evidence – …