30 Jan

Why Anyone Can Learn How to Design A Zero Net Energy Home

HeatSpring Magazine

Last year the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association launched a year-round ‘Masters Series’ to extend the …

28 Jan

Modern Building Design and Energy Efficiency

Go Green Solar

While architecture for many years was solely related to the appearance of a building, there …

25 Jan

In Focus: Whole Building Energy Control


I just got back from Crestron Masters programming training where I learned about all of …

22 Jan

STUDY: Gen Y Wants Fuel Efficiency


According to The Detroit News, a recent study finds that young drivers are interested in fuel …

22 Jan

GE Research Achieves CdTe PV Efficiency Record

Greentech Media

Rather quietly, GE Research has bested First Solar for the cadmium telluride PV cell efficiency …

21 Jan

Empa Scientists Acheive 20.4% Flexible CIGS Efficiency


A record breaking thin film solar cell has been developed by scientists at Empa, the …

20 Dec

Solar Cell Efficiency and the “Black Hole for Light”

Energy Boom

Researchers at Princeton University led by electrical engineer Stephen Chou, have developed what is being …

19 Dec

NICE: Energy Efficiency Legislation Signed by Obama

Greentech Media

President Obama signed the American Energy Manufacturing Technical Corrections Act (H.R. 6582) on Wednesday after …

06 Dec

Sharp Hits 37.7% Solar Cell Efficiency


Sharp Corporation has set the world record for solar cell conversion efficiency – 37.7 percent …

10 Nov

Cheaper Gallium Nitride: Gamechanger for High Performance Solar?


Improvements in how Bulk Gallium Nitride, a semiconductor substrate, is manufactured could bring its cost …

07 Nov

Multilayer Anti-Reflective Coating: Solar Cell Efficiency Special Sauce?


Anti-reflective coating is used in many types of solar cell on the market today. They …

25 Sep

In Focus: Dupont’s Solar Quality Standards

Greentech Media

Solar installations were removed from twenty-four San Diego Unified School District campuses after corrosion was …