07 Apr

In Focus: Obama’s Executive Green Orders

The Green Market Oracle

President Obama has vowed that in the absence of congressional action, he will use his …

27 Mar

Nanowires: Making Quantum Dot Solar Cells Better

The Daily Fusion

While potentially much more efficient, than conventional photovoltaic systems, quantum dot solar cells are still …

27 Mar

Alta Devices Hits 30.8% PV Cell Efficiency


Alta Devices reached 30.8 percent solar cell conversion efficiency earlier this month. The company developed …

22 Mar

Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Get More Efficient

The Daily Fusion

A dye-sensitized solar cell is simple to make using conventional roll-printing techniques, is semi-flexible and …

13 Mar

Quantum Dot Solar Cell Efficiency Breakthrough Announced

The Daily Fusion

Quantum dot solar cells, an emerging field in solar cell research that uses quantum dots …

08 Mar

The 10 Hottest Green Investment Industries

The Green Market Oracle

There are new innovations and ideas generated each day in the cleantech / green sectors. …

27 Feb

CdTe PV Efficiency Record Goes Back to First Solar

Greentech Media

Last month we reported on how General Electric quietly stole the cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar …

25 Feb

VC’s Focus on Energy Efficiency Companies


Venture capital firms that focus on cleantech are looking for the next big area to …

25 Feb

The Internet’s Carbon Footprint


Please consider the environment before not printing this page.  That request asking you to kindly …

21 Feb

Brown (UPS) Goes Green in New Jersey


On Feb. 19 UPS said it is adding in more solar with two new 1.2 …

18 Feb

The Kingtec K25Z-4 Solar Air Conditioner


Kingtec Solar is proud to announce the availability of its 16000 BTU 18.8 E.E.R. Rated air …

01 Feb

The Future of Sustainable Business Practices


The move to alternative energy is a crucial one! The news that we will surpass …