08 Dec

The State of Green Jobs

Bright Green Talent

The year 2011 saw green jobs continue to grow in a number of key areas. …

03 Nov

Will Peak Oil Could Limit Economic Growth?

The Energy Report

The next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last two decades. How …

14 Oct

Why the Green Economy Will Ultimately Prevail

Green Alpha Advisors

In spite of overwhelming evidence pointing to ongoing changes in our climate, the “debate” on …

08 Aug

The Credit Downgrade and the Green Economy

The Green Market Oracle

In the wake of the US credit downgrade entitlement reform may be the only hope …

21 Dec

Anti-American Interest Crowd Endangers U.S. Economy, National Security

Scaling Green

Last Wednesday’s New York Times had a troublingly familiar article, yet another example of how …

16 Nov

The G20 and the Transition to a Greener Economy

The Green Market Oracle

The G20 has a pivotal role to play in support of the development of amore …

25 Oct

How Many Jobs are Truly Created in a “Green Economy?”


Politicians often tout the benefits of going green from both anenvironmental and economic standpoint. After …

09 Oct

California’s Green Economy Continues to Grow Strong

Boots On The Roof

Gloomy economy aside, The Sacramento Bee reports what we all know to be a continuing …

22 Aug

Sustainable Education is Key to Accessing the Green Economy

The Green Market Oracle

High unemployment rates and the rising cost of college are causing manystudents to seek a …

17 Aug

California’s Government Partnerships are Driving the Green Economy

The Green Market Oracle

Partnerships between regional and state authorities are a big part of California’s green leadership. According …

27 Jun

The G20 and the Green Economy

The Green Market Oracle

The green economy can provide a very real return forpeople and economies and the G20 …

07 Mar

How China is Developing its Clean Energy Economy

The Green Leap Forward

Yesterday on March 4, my colleagues and I finally released this long-awaited report “Outof the …