The G20 and the Transition to a Greener Economy

The G20 has a pivotal role to play in support of the development of amore sustainable economy. This entails sustainable green growth poweredby clean technologies and respect for nature’s biodiversity. Already some international efforts are underway. The World Bank, in partnership with organizations including UNEP, will be assisting developingcountries with national, green accounts. But there […] Read more

How Many Jobs are Truly Created in a “Green Economy?”

Politicians often tout the benefits of going green from both anenvironmental and economic standpoint. After all, going green helps the economy by expanding the energy sector to one reliant primarily onfossil fuels to one that includes alternative and renewable sourceswhich tend to be cleaner for the environment. Yet, there are varyingnumbers about how many jobs […] Read more

California’s Green Economy Continues to Grow Strong

Gloomy economy aside, The Sacramento Bee reports what we all know to be a continuing truth: California’s green economy is growing. The Sacramento newspaper reports that while California’s manufacturing jobs are waning, green sector manufacturing jobs continue to thrive.  “In a study released Wednesday, Palo Alto-based nonprofit Next 10and Collaborative Economics Inc. of Mountain View, found thatmanufacturing […] Read more

Sustainable Education is Key to Accessing the Green Economy

High unemployment rates and the rising cost of college are causing manystudents to seek a college education that offers marketable skills. Education is an increasingly crucial component of preparing a prospectiveworkforce for the new economy. From preschool to post graduate studies,education supplies us with the tools we require to succeed in a rapidlychanging world. In […] Read more

California’s Government Partnerships are Driving the Green Economy

Partnerships between regional and state authorities are a big part of California’s green leadership. According to Greenopia, California is the fifth greenest state in the US. Berkeley and Oakland are but two examples of green cities in the state of California. According to a report titled, 2010 Smarter City for Energy, Long Beach, San Francisco, […] Read more

The G20 and the Green Economy

The green economy can provide a very real return forpeople and economies and the G20 can play a pivotal role in sustainabledevelopment. The Executive Director of UNEP, Achim Steiner, saidthat green spending offers "a very real return for people and economies, north and south…The G20 particularly has huge potential in energy,mobility, buildings, agriculture, forestry, [and] […] Read more

How China is Developing its Clean Energy Economy

Yesterday on March 4, my colleagues and I finally released this long-awaited report “Outof the Running?  How Germany, Spain, and China Are Seizing the EnergyOpportunity and Why the United States Risks Getting Left Behind” As the title implies,it is a survey of how three countries with very different politicaleconomies are each adopting comprehensive policies to […] Read more

Is the U.S. going to Catch Up in the Clean Energy Economy?

The United States seems to be wallowing in the mire a bit arguingsemantics regarding climate change when it should be preparing itsdomestic industries for the inevitable shift to clean energy in the21st century allowing America to become a net exporter of clean energytechnology.   Has America already fallen too far behind at thebeginning of the race?  […] Read more

How to Make the U.S a Leader in the Clean Energy Economy

Can the US be more than just a giant market for clean energy? Can it also lead in clean-energy manufacturing? Those questions are at the heart of a panel discussion today hosted by the Apollo Alliance and the Center for American Progress.The event is being Webcast live from 9AM to 5PM (EST). It’s afascinating discussion […] Read more

My Take on China’s Comprehensive Approach to Developing a Clean Energy Economy – VIDEO

Last week, at the Renewable Energy Technology Conference & Exhibition (RETECH 2010)in Washington D.C., I gave a presentation on the comprehensive approachof China’s clean energy policies across the clean energy valuechain–from innovation to manufacturing to deployment/exports. I arguedthat China has created a long-term, sustaining strategy to develop itsclean energy economy through a three-pillar framework of […] Read more

The New Economy is a Green Economy

What a difference a year makes. Just twelve months ago, thenewly-elected President Obama and his government seemed destined totransform America. The stunning upsetlast month by Massachusetts Republican underdog Scott Brown in thesafest Democrat senate seat in the country put an end to the Obama auraof invincibility, and reminded politicians of all stripes that votersexpect them […] Read more

Davos: Renewing the Global Economy

This year’s Davos Forumhas an unmistakably more sober feel compared to years past. Overshadowed by the tragic events in Haiti, the theme of this year’sfive-day event is appropriately titled: “Improving the State of theWorld: Rethink, Redesign and Rebuild.” As representatives frombusiness, government and civil society convene here in Switzerland torespond to this challenge, it is […] Read more

New Mexico Governor Richardson Announces New Plan for Green Economy

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson today signed an executive orderoutlining the state’s plan for building a green economy. “Acomprehensive green economy is critical to the future of New Mexico andwill lead our state into a new era of economic vitality and stability,”Governor Richardson said at the signing, which was held at SCHOTTSolar’s Albuquerque manufacturing facility. […] Read more

PSE customers make solar power shine in cloudy economy

A year of cloudy economic news proved to have a bright spot: the rapidgrowth of Puget Sound Energy customers connecting their home or smallbusiness solar systems to the utility grid. In 2009, nearly 200PSE customers installed solar systems, making it the fastest-growingyear ever for local renewable energy from the sun. The growth raisesthe total number […] Read more