17 Oct

The Partisan Divide on Global Warming

The Green Market Oracle

A huge gulf exists between Americans who accept the reality of climate science and those …

17 Oct

Denmark Reaches 2020 Solar Goal Ahead of Schedule

AtisSun Solar Insider News

Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the country is adapting solar technology at a …

16 Oct

Energy Questions People Want Answered by Obama and Romney


Tonight’s presidential debate, which takes place in Hempstead, Long Island, is a town hall, where …

01 Oct

Solar: The Solution To The US Housing Crisis?

No More Naked Roofs

  There is an article on Bloomberg about Sumitomo’s warning that a solar bubble is …

28 Sep

In Focus: The Collaborative Economy

Cleantech, Applied

Can sharing goods and services help save the planet?  That was one of a number …

23 Sep

Red States Lead in Green Jobs


The debate over green job growth in Washington is highly partisan, but red states that …

30 Aug

Green Economy: Historic Opportunities Everywhere

The Green Market Oracle

We have the means to reinvigorate the economy, create millions of jobs, increase energy security …

19 Aug

The Relationship Between Energy and Growth

3000 Quads

In 1972, the publication of the book The Limits to Growth framed the agenda for …

16 Aug

The Impact of Air Freight on the Environment


Air freight allows countries and their businesses to thrive due to the capabilities of importing …

12 Aug

SunPower Beats Earnings, Stock Not So Lucky


While any loss is still a loss, SunPower Corp.’s net loss in the second quarter …

09 Aug

India’s Power Grid Failure: What Happened?

The Solarserver

This is the first part of a two part piece by Raj Prabhu of Mercom …

06 Aug

Survey: Latinos Like Clean Energy


A vast majority of registered Latino voters support clean energy innovation, protecting public lands and …