07 Jan

Sustainability for Economic Revitalization

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Curbing pollution to protect the world now and for future generations is an obvious argument …

01 Nov

Renewable Energy Standard: Coming Soon to the United States?


Two bills calling on the U.S. to create a renewable energy standard (RES) were introduced …

15 Oct

Climate Change. A $10 Trillion Opportunity

Many of us, who have been on the ground floor of the renewable energy business …

25 Sep

From Fossil Fuel Subsidies to Clean Energy Investments

CleanEdison Blog

There is mounting pressure in the U.S. and internationally to remove or phase out fossil …

29 Jul

Solar Leasing Gains Momentum

Greentech Media

Solar leasing gets so many headlines in the clean energy media, it seems like a …

25 Feb

Ameco Solar: Using Solar to Better the Environment and Economy

Ameco Solar Blog

Patrick Redgate has seen the solar power industry grow from its nascent days of potential …

19 Feb

In Focus: Super Cities


A metropolis is a large densely populated urban area that has a significant economic, political …

06 Jan

Solar Power: Economy Booster?


Many communities rely on fossil fuels, and importing these, for the provision of electricity, fuel …

05 Jan

2013: Green Economy Inflection Point?

Green Alpha Advisors

There are a few truths that make the fundamental case that investing in the emerging …

30 Nov

Denver: The First ‘Solar Friendly Community’

AtisSun Solar Insider News

Thanks to Denver’s efforts to make it easier for residents to go solar, the Mile …

02 Nov

Report: Solar Job Growth Outpaces All Economic Sectors

Solar Pros

The U.S. solar energy industry is outpacing the job growth in all areas of the …

31 Oct

The Clean Economy: Good Politics and Policies

Scaling Green

There are a lot of venues where clean economy players network and do business. Michael …