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The Solar Eco Ball Speaker System

The Solar Eco Ball Speaker System

Industrial designer Pedro Gomes is trying to better the experienceof your portable media player by designing a portable speaker set formusic lovers. The portable device, dubbed Eco Ball, features twospeakers that are connected together in the form of a ball. The speakers come with a carry belt that includes flexible photovoltaic cells toconvert solar energy


Standards are Required to Combat Ecolabel and Eco-Certification

With the plethora of competing green claims it isimperative that we develop industry specific standards. It is becomingincreasingly important for consumers and institutional buyers to know if a product or service is truly green. Producers use ecolabels and eco-certification to validate green claims, guide green purchasing, and improve environmental performance standards. According to a 2007

Integrative Approach to Eco-Innovation

Eco-innovation offers an increasingly important competitive advantage and an integrative approach toeco-innovation often yields the best results The termeco-innovation is used to describe products and processes thatcontribute to sustainable development. Eco-innovation is the commercialapplication of knowledge to elicit direct or indirect ecologicalimprovements. It is often used to describe a range of related ideas,from environmentally friendly


Eco Cars We Will Be Driving in 2050

The decline in the levels of fossil fuel sources and the rise ingreenhouse gas emissions caused due to transport are the main reasonsdriving the thought of eco-friendly cars. Whenever eco-friendly cars are imagined, vehicles fueled by electricity are first to hit the mind.These vehicles don’t pollute the streets and, as an added advantage,they’re noise-free as


Rock Out With These 10 Eco-friendly iPod Docks $AAPL

There is no denying the fact that the iPod has dominated the PMPindustry right from its inception. This level of popularity has madeseveral design houses and manufacturers develop products that are aimedat making the player’s user experience much better. The market isflooded with excellent docks that do everything from charging yourplayer to playing the content


LG Eco Solar Concept Phone

The LG Eco Solar is a concept phone by industrial designer Aaron Martinez that adds sustainability to your chatter with renewableenergy. The phone features an onboard solar panel that can be rechargedin sunlight or by incandescent and fluorescent lights when indoors. The concept is compatible with Windows Mobile and features abrilliant display with advanced touchscreen


Solar Eco-Tower Concept by Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim

Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim have come up with an ingenious design of an eco-towerthat blends a vertical garden, mixed-use development and open spacetogether. The new urban prototype of solar powered skyscraperincorporates many programs to make the building as green as possible.The entire façade of the spiraling hollow structure is covered with athin membrane of

A Handful of Eco Investments That Could Pay Off

Green investments are full of promise, but like anyinvestment there is always some risk. To protect themselves againstrisk, investors diversify. Within the realm of green investing there are many diverse sectors that are destined to grow. Here is a selection ofcompanies in the conservation, solar and raw materials sectors that areexpected to perform well.Conservation:Fuel Tech:



Green stock continues to be a very lucrative investment. This trend will continue as the planet’s resources become ever morescarce and renewable energy is increasingly mainstream. Greentechnologies are smart investments for the next decade and beyond.Companies involved in conservation and renewable energy will continue to see significant growth. Significant amounts of capital are alreadybeing invested


Studio RHE Unveils Solar Residential Eco-Tower in London

Studio RHEhas unveiled the designs of new residential tower for the Borough ofNewham, one of London’s poorest boroughs. Dubbed SilverTree, the newresidential eco-tower incorporates the latest in environmental designand construction with the use of advanced materials. The24-story tower is to be wrapped in colored panels on 2 sides, which notonly provide solar shading but also

Solar Eco-Wine Pavilion by Michael Jantzen

The Eco-Wine Pavilion by eco-minded designer and architect Michael Jantzenis a structure envisioned for use in a temperate climate at a wineryand functions as a wine tasting center or provides space for specialevents. The pavilion is a design proposal that explores ways tointegrate alternative energy gathering and storage systems intocommercial architecture in a new and

Self Powered Eco-Cybernetic City

Conceived as a city that takes input from nature and the surrounding the Eco-Cybernetic City by Orlando De Urrutiaresembles a forest of trees that are in search of light. The buildingis not only self-sufficient in terms of energy, but features systemsthat allow it to save energy and rely on natural sources for everythingfrom energy to

Solar Eco Freezer

Ever been out on a picnic and struck with disappointment when you’verealized your drinks have gone warm? Well, this will no longer be asetback. You can now sip on your chilled drink in hot tropical climatestoo, with this portable freezer. Not only does it carry your chilledbeverages around, it also is clean and green and

The Best Eco-Inventions of 2009: Food and Water

Vertical Farming: Valcent,a company based in El Paso, Texas, is pioneering a space efficienthydroponic-farming system that grows plants in rotating rows, whichexpands food supplies without using more land. The rotation gives theplants the precise amount of light and nutrients they need, while thevertical stacking enables the use of far less water than conventionalfarming. The company