16 Aug

10 Things North Carolina is Doing to be Greener

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In August of 2007, North Carolina because the first Southeastern state in the United States …

13 Sep

The “Start and the Electric Eco-Car Spectacular” Party

The Green Market Oracle

The Prince of Wales is hosting a 12 day party called "Start: A Garden Party …

02 Aug

Powered by Nano Generators: The Colibri Eco Mobile Phone


The Colibri Eco Mobile Phone by Nelly Trakidou takes cellphonetechnology to the extreme. The designer …

20 Jul

TSMC Starts Construction on New Eco-friendly Wafer Plant


Taiwanese chip maker TSMC has recentlystarted up on its newest project, a green one that …

13 Jul

The Solar Eco Ball Speaker System


Industrial designer Pedro Gomes is trying to better the experienceof your portable media player by …

08 Jul

Standards are Required to Combat Ecolabel and Eco-Certification

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With the plethora of competing green claims it isimperative that we develop industry specific standards. …

11 Jun

Integrative Approach to Eco-Innovation

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Eco-innovation offers an increasingly important competitive advantage and an integrative approach toeco-innovation often yields the …

02 Jun

Eco Cars We Will Be Driving in 2050


The decline in the levels of fossil fuel sources and the rise ingreenhouse gas emissions …

18 May

Rock Out With These 10 Eco-friendly iPod Docks $AAPL


There is no denying the fact that the iPod has dominated the PMPindustry right from …

18 May

LG Eco Solar Concept Phone


The LG Eco Solar is a concept phone by industrial designer Aaron Martinez that adds …

17 May

Solar Eco-Tower Concept by Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim


Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim have come up with an ingenious design of an eco-towerthat …

04 May

A Handful of Eco Investments That Could Pay Off

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Green investments are full of promise, but like anyinvestment there is always some risk. To …