earth day 2012

The Dark Side of Earth Day

I know, Earth Day is supposed to be a day for optimism, a day to express hope that humankind will see the green light and transform its unsustainable ways. But me being me ā€“ I have a tendency to find the dark lining in just about every silver cloud, Iā€™m just not in the mood […] Read more

As Earth Day Arrives, Solar Slide Continues

As Earth Day (Sunday, April 22) approaches yet again in the US, it often leads to additional exposure and support for green energy sources such as solar power. This clean form of energy frequently carries the banner of the clean energy movement on Earth Day and other times, but it has taken a serious hit […] Read more

Earth Day and Business

Earth Day is about sharing an awareness that results in lasting change and nowhere is this more important than in the business community. Everyone needs to be involved and invested to enact the scope of the changes required. But as a leading contributor of climate change causing emissions business has a unique responsibility. As part […] Read more