11 Aug

Sunpower Beats on Earnings, Misses on Revenues $SPWRA

Greentech Media

Sunpower reported their second quarter resultstoday.  Here’s a quick rundown for the high-efficiency solar panelmanufacturer …

06 Aug

$CSUN Smashies Earnings, Narrows Guidance

Green Stocks Central

China Sunergy (CSUN) reported results this morning and while they missed slightly on the revenue …

03 Aug

Analysts Reaction to Earnings $AMAT $WFR $ITRI $GPRE

Green Stocks Central

A couple more firms have come out with notes on Itron (ITRI) after it was …

30 Jul

Analysts React to WFR Earnings

Green Stocks Central

As I reported last night, MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR) reported disappointing earning results once again …

30 Jul

$WFR Whiffs Earnings

Green Stocks Central

MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR) just can’t seem to get it going. Just when you think they …

29 Jul

Monitoring First Solar For Post Earnings Reaction $FSLR

Dr. Duru

First Solar (FSLR) reports earnings this evening. Unlike the last two rounds, I have no …

26 May

Analysts Cut Yingli Price Targets After Earnings $YGE

Green Stocks Central

ArdourCapital and Auriga weighed in on Yingli Green Energy (YGE) this morningfollowing its earnings report …

12 May

SunPower Reports Earnings Results

Green Stocks Central

SunPower(SPWRA) reported mixed results after the bell today missing analyst estimates on the EPS side …

10 May

Suntech Crushes Earnings, Shares Rocket $STP

Green Stocks Central

SuntechPower (STP) issued preliminary Q1 results this morning and sees revenues in the range of …

29 Apr

Analyst Reaction to First Solar Earnings $FSLR

Green Stocks Central

Lots ofanalyst reaction to First Solar (FSLR) earnings last night.  Here’s the run down with …

28 Apr

Why I Am Still Bullish on First Solar Earnings $FSLR

Dr. Duru

First Solar(FSLR) has made a good recovery from the selling following February’searnings report. Two weeks …

01 Apr

Applied Materials Gains Street Cred After Earnings Announcement $AMAT

Greentech Media

Two weeks ago we reported on rumors and speculation that AppliedMaterials might look to scale …