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Solar Shingles: The Future of Rooftop Solar

Solar Shingles: The Future of Rooftop Solar

With the increase of people’s interest in green technology, there have been many new inventions and improvements made in the field of green technology. One of the fastest growing areas in the green technology field is that of solar technology. And the thing getting the most people excited with solar technology? Solar shingles. Where Have


Dow Solar Shingles Hit The Market

  After encouraging trials with roofing contractors in Texas, California and Colarado, Dow Chemical’s building integrated solar PV is hitting the market. Dow’s Powerhouse Shingle integrates thin-film CIGS photovoltaic cells right into standard asphalt shingles. Roofing contractors install the shingles with no specialized skills or knowledge of solar installation required. The product design is said to reduce installation costs because conventional


Saving Bankrupt Cities With Solar

Municipalities and county and local agencies all over the U.S. are beginning to discover solar can generate revenues. The City of Lancaster is putting teachers in classrooms and cops on the streets with money generated by its investment in solar. For cities facing the strains of these tough economic times, the news is even better:


Energy Efficiency Financing: Where’s The Money?

Amongst the problems with energy efficiency upgrades is the little issue of money. Even though the projects will ultimately save a city, business or household money over the long haul, it’s tough to get people to invest the money upfront, if they even have it to begin with. Experts in the field often note that


DOW POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingles Hit The Market

It’s a stunning entrance, and one made even more surprising by the fact that Dow’s Solar Shingles look, and act, like regular shingles. That is, they protect your roof from wind, hail and unpleasant weather, and integrate so seamlessly with asphalt roofing materials that even your closest neighbors will have to look closely to realize

Dow Solar Hiring For New Midland Plant

The Dow Chemical Co. says it is creating 100 new, full-time jobs to support the developmentof its Powerhouse solar shingles at its facility in Midland, Mich. According to Dow Solar General Manager Jane Palmieri, this is the result ofcontinued collaboration between Dow, the state of Michigan and the cityof Midland to accelerate production of the

Dow Corning Invests In European Solar Research Center

Dow Corning plans to invest up to $13 million in a Solar EnergyExploration/Development (SEED) center in order to expand itsEurope-based research in silicon-based materials and technologies. The SEED center will include the European Solar Solutions ApplicationCenter, which will focus on advancing the company’s technology for usein photovoltaic cells. Construction is expected to begin later thisyear.

Krayden Offering Dow Corning PV Frame Sealant

Krayden Inc., a silicone supplier that specializes in high-tech-basedapplications, now offers Dow Corning Solar Solutions’ PV-804Neutral Sealant. This sealant features diverse substrate adhesionqualities, consistent performance and reliability against environmentaldegradation, according to Krayden. Used for bonding and sealingphotovoltaic module components, the PV-804 caulk sealant is a one-partroom-temperature cure and provides long-term bonding and protectionagainst moisture, mechanical

DOW POWERHOUSE Solar Shingles On Their Way

TheDOW™ POWERHOUSE™ Solar Shingle, part of The Dow Chemical Company’s (NYSE:DOW) extensive foray into solar energy, should be available in the comingyear.  While solar shingles are nothing new to the world of renewable energy, Dow SolarSolutions appears to be on to something with a shingle that actually looks and installs–well, like a shingle. In the

Dow Chemical Loves Thin Film Solar

Dow Chemical has done a 180 on its hesitance to invest in solar panel research and development. Where a few years ago the Chief Executivestated that they had no intention of entering the solar power industry,now they are investing in solar cells. The new concept that has intrigued Dow is the use of thin-film solarcells