Cost is king in battle for solar dominance

In the face of renewed pricing pressures, solar device manufacturershave had to refocus on minimizing costs and maximizing performance tomaintain profit margins. Advances in crystalline silicontechnology, and the falling cost of the polysilicon raw material, haveonly increased the pressure on manufacturers of emerging thin-filmtechnologies, including thin-film silicon (TF-Si), cadmium telluride(CdTe), and copper indium gallium diselenide […] Read more

Can Modular Solar Farms Bring SunPower Back to Dominance?

SunPower builds the world’s most efficientcrystalline silicon solar cells and is the market-share leader in theCalifornia Solar Initiative.  The Silicon Valley-spawned firm has astrong operational track record — and a deep ownership of the solar PVvalue chain.  On its most recent quarterly earnings call, SunPowermentioned that it is supply constrained, that its dealer network is […] Read more