01 Sep

U.S Army Announces $7 Billon in Solar Projects


As the U.S. Army continues to modernize, it’s showing a lot of interest in something …

12 Apr

DOD Announces 3GW of Renewables by 2025 Initiative


The Obama administration announced initiatives today designed to improve U.S. energy security by reducing  reliance on fossil fuels. …

10 Mar

Ampulse: Making Solar Cheaper

Green Chip Stocks

A new development in the manufacturing of solar panels could not only drive down costs, …

29 Feb

Borrego Solar: Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Energy Boom

Borrego Solar has completed work on its latest solar power installation at a military base …

25 Jan

Mojave Military Bases Could Generate 7GW of Solar


According to a study conducted by ICF, a consulting firm for the US Department of …

12 Jan

Congress Blocks DOD from LEED Platinum/Gold Funding

Energy Boom

As a result of the December 31 presidential signing of the National Defense Authorization Act …

14 Dec

‘Buy American’ Solar Amendment Passes

Greentech Media

Combine solar power purchase agreements, the Department of Defense “Buy American” Act, a well-meaning but …

23 Oct

Being Army-Strong for Solar: Largest DOD Plant in U.S.

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently selected the team of ACCIONASolar Power and the …

13 Oct

A 1-GW PV and Solar Thermal Plant for the DoD

Greentech Media

Not only will it be big, it will involve the two main types of solar. …