08 Aug

In Focus: Solar Shingles


From time to time, we hear folks tell us that they want to “go solar” …

08 Aug

Step-by-Step Instructions for Solar Installations

Founder's Blog

No doubt you have thought about installing a solar power system at your home or …

06 Apr

DIY Solar Collectors Made From Recycled Soda and Beer Cans

Energy Boom

How would you like to have a lifetime supply of free heat? Imaginereducing your annual …

21 Feb

5 Things To Do When You Get Solar

Congratulations, you’ve decided to make your home a solar home. You’ve reached the decision after …

05 Jan

DIY Energy Transition

In the latest issues of Monthly, Copenhagen Confirmation, (see: 2009 Annualfor a discounted …

17 Dec

DIY Solar Part 6: Planning the System Install

Solar Sphere

Ok, we’ve got solar panels,we’ve got tools, now we’re ready to start putting them up! …

19 Nov

DIY Solar Part 5: Tools For Installing a System

Solar Sphere

So, now its down to the fun part. You’ve designed a system, found thekit, its …

23 Oct

DIY Solar Part 3: System Components

Solar Sphere

In our previous posts we talked about the design process and then different kinds of …

17 Oct

DIY Solar Part 2: Choosing A System


Last week we started talking about DIY solar and covering the topicsthat will help you …

09 Oct

DIY Solar Part 1: The Design Process

Solar Sphere

For homeowners around the world, the idea of reducing their power billsand helping the planet …

16 Jul

DIY Residential Solar Boom?

Greentech Media

This is another take on a recent panel at Intersolar… Michael Kanellos moderated an engaging …

18 Jun

Solar Boombox


Forthose who want to keep themselves entertained when in a park, withoutspending a lot on …