24 Mar

Bill Gates Talks Climate Change


In the March 27 issue of Rolling Stone,Jeff Goodell interviews Bill Gates on issues ranging from polio …

15 Nov

How The DOE is Taking Care of Solar


In the history of our country, our government has repeatedly been willing to invest and …

18 Oct

In Focus: Green Exercise Machines


Last time, we discussed the different ways consumers can embrace Green Fitness. Now let’s take …

29 Jul

The Sun: Keeping Us Cool


As the summer heats up, more residents are turning toward the sun for a cool …

24 Apr

Top 5 Materials for your Green Home


If you’re designing your dream home and you like to keep an eye on your …

09 Apr

How To: Build A Solar Roof


A green roof is a roof which can either be partially or fully covered by …

26 Mar

The Potential of DIY Solar


As permitting gets easier and cities start streamlining the process, the market for simplified Do-It-Yourself …

02 Mar

DIY Solar: 6 Reasons Not To Do It


The growth of solar power is continuing its trend upwards and so is the amount …

26 Dec

Why You Should Go Solar

Mathias Aarre Maehlum

The energy from the sun is powerful: Every year the earth receives 15.000 times more …

13 Nov

The Solar Pocket Factory Concept Launched on KickStarter

Energy Refuge

A KickStarter project shows how solar panel factories could become a feature of any neighborhood, …

10 Oct

The Future of Eco Building Materials


Designing and building an eco house, or renovating your property to make it more energy efficient is …

15 Sep

Solarsphere – Hybrid PV/CSP Capturing 72% of the Sun`s Energy?

Mathias Aarre Maehlum

Solarsphere, one of the semifinalists at this year`s Cleantech Open, claims their new hybrid photovoltaic/concentrated …