10 Feb

In Focus: Goldman’s “Transformational Moment” in Solar

The Solarserver

Goldman Sachs sees a transformational moment in renewables and plans to invest in excess of …

07 Oct

Bornholm Island: The Bright Green Island

2050 Magazine

Earlier this month Christine Lancaster was on Bornholm Island (the Bright Green Island) in Denmark …

04 Apr

REA Report: Renewable Energy Big Chunk of UK Energy

2050 Magazine

2012 was a strong year for the performance of renewable energy generation, mainly due to …

19 Dec

Active House Certification Program Lands in U.S

Green Home Gnome

Last spring I witnessed a first, not only for the St. Louis area, but also …

16 Oct

A123 Systems: Going to Zero?

Green Chip Stocks

There was so much enthusiasm when high-performance battery manufacturer A123 Systems (NASDAQ:AONE) came on the …

28 Sep

Catching up to the German Solar Machine


Germany only gets as much sunlight as Alaska, yet it is the largest solar market …

01 Apr

Denmark Passes 100% Renewable Energy by 2050 Legislation


Denmark’s Parliament has passed the most ambitious green economy plan in the world: it will …

26 Mar

Denmark: 35% Green Energy by 2020

Yale Environment 360

The Danish government has approved a series of goals to significantly reduce its carbon emissions …

29 Dec

Denmark Boasts a 100% Renewable Energy Community


Denmark, like, Germany, her neighbor to the south, is a country thattakes renewable energy seriously. …

30 Sep

The Renewable Energy Potential of Denmark


In the United States, even the most basic programs for encouragingrenewable energy and sustainable business …

06 Aug

Denmark’s Green Power Island


With a focus on the abundant wind energy in Denmark, Copenhagen-based architectural firm Gottlieb Paludan …