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President Obama’s “Solar Love”

President Obama’s “Solar Love”

Last week President Obama made a live commitment to solar inside a Walmart store in Mountain View, Calif. President Obama’s pledge to energy efficiency and climate change honored solar as a critical technology to positively impact the environment on a large scale. The solar industry has grown tremendously over the last few years, gaining attention from leaders

The Partisan Divide on Global Warming

A huge gulf exists between Americans who accept the reality of climate science and those who do not. According to an October 15, 2012, Pew Research Center poll, Democratic voters are more than twice as likely to embrace the facts on global warming than their Republican counterparts. A growing number Americans, including voters who identify


In Focus: The Climate Voters Project

  A new project, called Climate Voters, could be operated within the League of Conservation Voters, or could be part of a collaborative effort in which many environmental organizations participate. This is the project’s slogan: We care about climate change and we vote. Climate change is happening now. We need public policy to address this


The 2012 Election: It’s All About Energy

Recently, GTM asked how the results of the 2012 election will impact U.S. greentech, but a new poll suggests that question put the horse before the cart. The first question is how greentech will impact the 2012 election. Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked 22,412 likely voters in eight states considered to have the potential to


The Democratic Party Platform at the DNC

The Democratic platform promotes the development of clean energy jobs, the conservation of public lands, clean air and water. However to appeal to the American public the Democrats are advocating an an “all-of-the-above” energy strategy, which includes oil, “clean” coal and natural gas. While we may rue support for fossil fuels and the conspicuous absence


GE Drops ALEC Membership

Six more major companies are cancelling their American Legislative Council membership (ALEC), bringing the new total to 38. The latest to abandon the controversial right-wing lobbying group and let their memberships lapse include technology company General Electric, financial services giant The Western Union Company, wireless telecommunications carrier Sprint Nextel Corporation, software developer Symantec Corporation, consumer


Survey: Latinos Like Clean Energy

A vast majority of registered Latino voters support clean energy innovation, protecting public lands and cleaning up toxic pollution, according to a new national survey. Even more of them believe they have a moral obligation to do something about it. 86% of the 1,131 Latinos surveyed would prefer the US government to invest in clean,


Environmental Attitudes: Democrats vs. The GOP

The majority of Americans think that protecting the environment both fosters growth and creates new jobs while less than 20 percent think that environmental protection hurts the economy and job growth. Although Democrats tend to be ardent supporters of the green economy, there is evidence that more Republicans see the economic benefits of going green.


Democrats Learning the Wrong Lesson from Republicans

Although Republicans are the undisputed masters of the smear campaign, theDemocratic candidates in Congress were not above Republican tactics inthe 2010 midterm elections.The conspiracy of neglect that silencedthe issue of climate change this election cycle was deplorable. ButDemocratic members of Congress did not limit themselves to quietlyabandoning their President and their parties agenda. To gainpolitical


The Kochs’ War Against Obama and the Democrats

The Kochs’ are waging a multi-faceted propaganda war against PresidentObama and Democratic candidates. The big guns in the Kochs’ arsenalinclude Koch Industries, a network of proxy organizations, popularmedia, the Tea Party and Republican candidates. Through organizations like the Cato Institute, the Meratus Center, and Americans for Prosperity the Kochs’ they have waged proxy wars against


Democrats Ditch Climate Bill

Senate Democrats have announced they will shelve trying to pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation after they were unable to secure enough votes for the bill. Instead, the Democrats will move ahead with a limited bi-partisan energy bill that will focus on creating more stringent offshore oil regulations,increasing liability costs for companies after oil spills,