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DayStar Gets Booted by Landlord; Decides to Outsource $DSTI

DayStar Gets Booted by Landlord; Decides to Outsource $DSTI

Remember that Bruce Springsteen song "Out in the Street" from "The River?" DayStar Technologies is living it today. The early, and now faltering, pioneer in copper indium galliumselenide (CIGS) solar cells reported today that it will seek partners to produce its panels overseas. The company will also entertain jointventures and licensing. Finding manufacturing partners may

Daystar Loses CEO, Again (DSTI)

DayStar Technologies (NSDQ: DSTI) has been struggling to generate sales, and also to keep its CEO. The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company is losing CEO, MichaelMatvieshen, who was only appointed in Sept. 21 this year, according tothe company’s filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. DayStar revealed Matvieshen’s resignation Tuesday along with the termination of a

Daystar Deal Falls Through (DSTI)

It seems solar company Daystar (DSTI) can’t do anything right thesedays and the company remains in disarray.  A couple weeks ago, thestock got a pop to around the buck level on news it would merge operations with EPOD solar. It appeared for a bit that the stock would get out of the cellar, butthe rally stalled

Daystar (DSTI) and EPOD Solar Set To Merge Operations/RandD, Stock Moving

Daystar (DSTI) may get some upside momentum in the coming days on news that they will merge operations and R&D with EPOD Solar of Canadain order to bring the CIGS thin film technology to commercialproduction much quicker.  The two companies plan to sign definitiveagreements and complete the transaction as soon as possible which issubject to

Veeco (VECO) Purchases Daystar (DSTI) Assets To Enter CIGS Solar Market

It was announced today that Veeco (VECO) will attempt its own pushinto the copper, indium, gallium, selenium (CIGS) thin film solarmarket by purchasing equipment and leased facilities from DaystarTechnologies (DSTI) as well as hire its R&D department.  Daystar isselling the New York operations to reduce expenses and focus on itsCIGS on glass core operations until