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Qatar to Cool World Cup Stadiums with Solar

Qatar to Cool World Cup Stadiums with Solar

“Scorching desert rays to power air conditioning systems” sounds like an oxymoron. But that’s exactly what’s going to happen in five soccerstadiums in Qatar in 2022, when the country  will become the first Middle East country to ever host the World Cup. Qatar’s winning bid was announced today at a FIFA press conference in Zurich, Switzerland,


9th Annual Solar Cup Launches in California

Thecountry’s largest solar-powered boat competition got underway lastFriday in California. 700 Southern California students from 42 schoolsbegan the seven-month long process to see who will be crowned winner ofthe Solar Cup Competition in May of 2011. “We started Solar Cup nine years ago to promote clean recreation onour drinking-water reservoirs and to increase educational outreach

Solar Stadium Coming to San Fran for America’s Cup

If the Board of Supervisors of the America’s Cup approves of SanFrancisco hosting the 34th America’s Cup yacht race, then we could hopeto the most environmentally friendly race on record. Conceptualized bySkidmore, Owings & Merrill architect, the proposal suggests thetransformation of dilapidated piers 30-32 at the foot of Bryant Streetand Pier 50 south of the


Solafrica: Getting The World Cup to Slums Using Solar

Swiss-based, non-profit organization, Solafrica,brought the 2010 World Cup to Nairobi’s largest slum by donating a portablesolar station, and some much-needed technology. Kibera–Africa’s largest slum with a population of a million–is asmanic about World CupFootball as the rest of the continent. But without electricity, notto mention television, watching any of the games has been out of

Qatar Proposes Solar Stadiums for World Cup 2022

South Africa left the world amazed with its hi-tech 2010 Quantumfootball stadium. While we enjoy the quadrennial gaming splendor, worldhas already set its eyes on World Cup 2022. Qatar has promised threestrikingly wonderful stadiums for the 2022 event in an apparent attemptto bolster its chances for hosting the event. The proposed soccerstadiums intend to import


Solarafrica Brings The World Cup to Kenya

This year people residing in Africa’s largest slum, Kenya’s Kibera,won’t be missing live FIFA 2010 World Cup matches due to the lack of TVsets or electricity, as Solafrica, a Swiss-based, not-for-profit organization is using the power to thesun to entertain some of the 1 million residents. Solafrica says that they want to show the residents