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The E-QBO PV Covered Cube from Romolo Stanco

The E-QBO PV Covered Cube from Romolo Stanco

Designed by Romolo Stanco, the structure is a cube of 5X5X5 meters that is covered entirely with solar panels and is capable of producing as much as 14KW of maximum energy while can offer a minimum of 7KW of energy even on a day that is not beaming with sunshine entirely. Since the cube is


The Groovy Organic Cube Sculptural Timber Installation

Eco Factor: Visually delightful, cubical pavilion made from laths. Designed by Danish designer Soren Korsgaard, the Organic Cube is aparabolic public installation that allows viewers to observe sun raysfiltering through numerous planks. The cube-shaped pavilion utilizesseveral 3.2 m-long laths, which are stacked with uniform spacing. Theselaths serves as the cross struts to help stabilize the

All In One Solar Magic Cube

Thebed in your bedroom is usually littered with a range of electronic andelectric products that are used to keep you on time and entertained.Most of these gadgets are either powered by on-board batteries or bythe wall socket, creating a mess in the room. Industrial designer KaiYu has designed a concept product called the Magic Cube,