12 Aug

Cogentrix to Build World’s Largest CSP Plant

Energy Boom

Cogentrix Energy intends to build the world’s largest concentrating photovoltaic solar power plant in the …

11 Aug

Crystalline PV and CSP Compete for Utilities’ Attention

Energy Examiner

Engineers and researchers in the solarindustry have been working on increasing efficiencies in conversionrates with …

04 Aug

Kick Starting the CSP Industry


I always try to keep my fingers on the pulse of concentrating solarpower as the …

02 Aug

Can Sopogy’s Small-Scale CSP Lead to Lower Prices?

Greentech Media

Concentrated solar power (CSP) might conjure upimages of massive solar collector installations in the California …

29 Jul

The Future of CSP: Webcast

The Phoenix Sun

I recently had the privilege of participating in a webcast on thefuture of concentrating solar …

07 Jul

ESolar To Develop Modular Molten Salt Technology for CSP

Greentech Media

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) has been hot lately(pardon the pun).  [not pardoned - ed.] This …

30 Jun

CSP Summit 2010: Dispatches

Greentech Media

The CSP Summit was held this past week in SanFrancisco.  Many of the leading companies …

10 Jun

Largest CSP Plant Coming to Abu Dhabi


The world’s richest city will soon have an equally rich renewableenergy power plant that will …

01 Jun

Air Force to Try CSP in Hawaii


The United States Air Force has signed a contract with the SchaferCorporation of Massachusetts to allow …

27 May

Market Growth for PV Solar vs. CSP: Which is Fastest

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

Starting in late 2008, the photovoltaic (PV) solar market felt theimpact of the global recession, …

19 May

The IEA’s Global Roadmap For CSP

Energy Boom

Along with its photovoltaic solar (PV) roadmap, the International Energy Agency also released a roadmap …

09 Apr

Albiasa Teams With Pacific Light and Power On 10 MW CSP Plant

Solar Industry

Albiasa Corp., a developer and supplier of solar thermal technology, hasreceived a letter of intent …