04 Mar

Video: The Shams 1 CSP Solar Plant


Future360 travels to Abu Dhabi to check out the largest concentrating solar plant in the …

05 Feb

Brightsource Puts Brakes on Huge Rio Mesa CSP Project


BrightSource Energy has pulled back on one of its biggest planned projects because of extended and expensive permitting …

04 Feb

Abu Dhabi CSP Plant Coming Online


A 100 megawatt (MW) concentrating solar plant (CSP) under construction in Abu Dhabi is the first of its …

02 Jan

NREL: CSP+Thermal Storage Adds Value for Utilities


A concentrating solar power installation with a six-hour storage capacity can add $35.80 per megawatt …

22 Nov

SolarReserve Drops Major Projects on South Africa


Last week SolarReserve and its partners, the Kensani Group Intikon Energy closed on $564 million …

25 Oct

CSP: 11% of Global Energy by 2050


There are reports that global concentrated solar power (CSP) is growing at a quick pace. …

24 Oct

BrightSource Grabs Another $80M for CSP

Greentech Media

BrightSource Energy, a concentrating solar thermal technology firm, just announced that it raised more than …

14 Aug

40% of U.S Pipeline is “Small Solar”


Favorable incentives and financing models continue to fuel interest in small solar projects, with installations …

02 Aug

U.S + Spain = Killing it in CSP


Spain and the United States are leading the world in Concentrated Solar Power installations, according …

26 Jun

Interview: Tex Wilkins Discusses CSP Industry

Scaling Green

Last week, we interviewed Belen Gallego, Founder & Director at CSP Today and PV Insider, in conjunction …

18 Jun

Belen Gallego on the Future of CSP

Scaling Green

The following interview is with Belen Gallego, Founder & Director at CSP Today and PV Insider.  Ms. …

09 May

The Largest CSP Parabolic Trough


The largest parabolic troughs in the concentrating solar power (CSP) game were recently installed as …