20 Feb

Solar Fuel Cell Converts Biomass to Electricity

The Daily Fusion

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new type of low-temperature fuel …

06 Jan

RIP: Ontario MicroFIT Program?

Brighter Tomorrow

The Ontario MicroFIT program is a keg about to run dry. Nobody knows if there’s …

18 Nov

Treehouse’s One-Stop Shop for Solar

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Few people walk into a car dealership and ask to see all of the 2.0 …

12 Aug

The SunShot Initiative: This Could be Big

Greentech Media

There’s fresh evidence that the SunShot Initiative, despite being virtually ignored by a mainstream media …

09 Aug

Solar Power: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

GE and First Solar announced earlier this week an important step towards consolidation of the …

02 Aug

Here Come the Solar Suburbs

Cooler Planet

Suburbanites: Please buy electric vehicles and put solar on your rooftops — the cities of …

23 Jul

A Sustainability Incubator for Cities


While there are lots of incubators for startup companies to help them get their business off …

01 Oct

Solar: The Solution To The US Housing Crisis?

No More Naked Roofs

  There is an article on Bloomberg about Sumitomo’s warning that a solar bubble is …

14 Aug

40% of U.S Pipeline is “Small Solar”


Favorable incentives and financing models continue to fuel interest in small solar projects, with installations …

09 Aug

India’s Power Grid Failure: What Happened?

The Solarserver

This is the first part of a two part piece by Raj Prabhu of Mercom …

23 Jun

2014: The Year of the Solar Recovery?

Green Chip Stocks

Jeffries analyst has said that the solar industry which has been facing huge losses and …

23 Jun

Chinese Conglomerates Stronger After Industry Crisis

Green Chip Stocks

While thousands of small solar companies in the world have gone / are going bust …