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Global PV Competition Creates Increased International Trade Disputes

Critical to the healthy growth of the global solar PV market is a global trade system without restrictive barriers between countries. Buyers of solar products, equipment and materials should be able to purchase from suppliers around the world without tariffs or other restrictions that favor local manufacturers and suppliers of solar products and services should

Student Research Team Creates the Most Efficient Solar Energy Cells Yet

Solar Energy. We use it to power homes, vehicles, aircraft, andsatellites in our never ending quest to find the most efficient means of harnessing the sun’s power. However, where solar energy has hugepotential and continues to prove itself in various fields, the constantproblem of solar cells degrading over time or being less efficientcompared to the


IMEC Creates Solar Cells With 19% Efficiency

Belgian research lab IMEC has unveiled several large-area silicon solar cells with a conversionefficiency of more than 19 percent. The lab realized two types of cellswith silver screen-printed contacts and plated copper contacts.Efficiencies of the cells with screen-printed contacts were up to 19.1percent whereas 19.4 percent efficiency was achieved with copper platedcontacts. IMEC’s record efficiency


Sign of the Times: DOE Creates ‘Energy Blog’

In an effort to be more transparent andconnected to the American people, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)has created the "Energy Blog." Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu introduced the blog and said it,along with other social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr,and YouTube, will allow people to see who the DOE is, what the

Sanyo Creates More Efficient Solar Panel

Sanyo (TYO:6764) recentlyannounced it has developed its most efficient solar panel to-date.  The HIT-N230 willhave an efficiency of 20.7% — an efficiency conversion rate onlyrecently surpassed by SunPower’s latest solar panel. The HIT series solar cells contain a singlethin crystalline wafer of silicon surrounded by ultra-thin amorphouslayers of silicon. Sanyo achieves these efficiencies by increasing


Asian Development Bank Creates $9 Billion Solar Power Initiative

The Asian DevelopmentBank (ADB) has announced a massive plan to spur solar power growthin Asia. The ADB has designed the Asia Solar Energy Initiative, will infuseUS$9 billion of capital into the regional market.  ADB’s plan is tostimulate the industry quickly and generate 3,000-megawatts of solarpower in the next three years. The Asia Solar Energy Initiative

Tensions Rise as Stimulus Funding Creates More Green Overseas Jobs

Senators Charles E. Schumer (D-NY), Bob Casey (D-PA), Sherrod Brown(D-OH) and Jon Tester (D-MT) requested that stimulus spending on arenewable energy program is discontinued until restrictions areimplemented ensuring that the grantees of federal funding for theseprojects utilize domestic construction materials. The senators havecited the fact that nearly 80 percent of $2.1 billion in wind energyU.S.

SolarCity creates new $90 million fund with US Bancorp to finance solar projects

SolarCity, a national leader in solar power system design, financing,installation, monitoring and related services, announced a new fund tofinance an additional $90 million in commercial and residential solarprojects in 2010 with US Bancorp Community Development Corp. (USBCDC),a division of US Bancorp. SolarCity and USBCDC have nowcollaborated on three separate funds to finance a total of

Arizona Solar Bill Drama Creates More Questions Than Answers

Yesterday, Speaker of the Arizona House, Republican Kirk Adams,sought to “set the record straight” and put the political crisis causedby HB 2701 behind him. First, he had to cowboy up and place the blamewhere it properly belonged. If you guessed that Adams took some responsibility for the debacle,as the “leader of the House” (as he

Enphase Creates Two-in-One Microinverter Pack

Enphase Energysaid Tuesday it has developed a new product that puts twomicroinverters into one package and created a simpler way to wire themtogether. The Petaluma, Calif.-based company is doing field trials of this newoffering, called the D380 TwinPack, and plans to make it available forcustomers in the first quarter of 2010, said Raghu Belur, vicepresident