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CPV Had A Great Q2

CPV Had A Great Q2

According to GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industry Association’s latest quarterly U.S. Solar Market Insight report, the U.S. installed 4 megawatts of concentrating solar in the second quarter of 2011. The total quarterly installed capacity can be attributed to three concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) projects, 2 megawatts in Arizona, 1 megawatt in CA, and 1


With $90M from DOE, Alamosa CPV Project Gets Green Light

The largest concentrating solar photovoltaic (CPV) plant in the world and one of the first utility-scale CPV plants in the US just received critical support from the US Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE finalized a $90.6 million loan guarantee for the 30 megawatt (MW) Alamosa Solar Generating Project in south-central Colorado. The plant, to be built by Cogentrix, will


Campbell Soup Turns to Solar for Ohio Plant

Campbell Soup (NYSE:CPB) has a 9.8 MW solar array under construction at its Napoleon, Ohio manufacturing plant. When it’s finished this year, it will supply 15% of the plant’s electricity. Cambell’s is buying all the electricity from the 60-acre project, which is being installed by BNB Renewable Energy Holdings and Enfinity America Corp. FirstEnergy Solutions (Akron, Ohio) will purchase the Solar


Skyline Solar Retrofits CPV System

In concentrating solar power, less is more — or at least it is for Skyline Solar. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company spent its first few years promoting a somewhat unusual concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system that combined silicon solar cells and aluminum reflectors. To describe the technology in a nutshell, a W-shaped reflector concentrated sunlight onto


Semprius and the Future of CPV

Semprius has acore semiconductor technology the firm believes can make concentratingphotovoltaics (CPV) a competitive solar technology. Semprius and the CPV industry has its work cut out for it.   The flatpanel photovoltiacs (PV) industry has grown at a compound annual rate of about 41 percent per year for the last decade to reach it’s current2010 shipment


SCE Signs Contracts for 240 MW of PV and CPV

Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed 21 contracts for nearly 259 megawatts of power, enough to power more than 168,000 average homes.Twenty of the contracts are for electricity produced by solarphotovoltaic projects, and one is for 19.5 megawatts of wind power. Thebulk of the agreements are with Silverado Power, a solar PV firm basedin San

Solergy launches next-generation CPV with record-breaking 32.9% efficiency

Solergy Inc., developers of the next generation of high concentratedphotovoltaic technology (HCPV), announced the launch and introduction of two unique flagship products: Solergy CPV and Solergy Cogen CPV. In addition to the company launch, Solergy and the Italian Civil AviationAuthority (ENAC) jointly announced their agreement to install a CogenCPV power plant at the Pantelleria Airport

Helios Solar one step closer to CPV manufacturing plant

Things are getting real for Helios Solar. What began as a dream has started to take hold, and both Fowler,Colo., and nearby Pueblo are contributing support to a potentialconcentrated photovoltaics (CPV) manufacturing plant that may take rootin the area. “The town of Fowler really wants to do this,” said Ben Jones, CEO of Helios Solar.

Nevada host to new CPV manufacturing facility

Aided by a $5.9 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Actcompetitive manufacturing tax credit, the concentrated photovoltaic(CPV) manufacturer, Amonix Incorporated, broke ground on a new 150megawatt capacity manufacturing facility in the city of North Las Vegas, Nev., on Oct. 28. The facility will help stimulate the green economy in the state. The solar energy company, based


Large CPV System Planned For Saudi Arabia

SolFocus, a developer of concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar systems, says that Vision Electro Mechanical Co., a subsidiary of Construction Products Holding Co. (CPC), will build what it says is the first commercial CPV power plant in Saudi Arabia. The project, located in the Bahra region of the country, will deliveraround 300 MWh of energy per

CPV Consortium to hold two CPV boot camp workshops

The CPV Consortium, a global non-profit industry organization, will hold two “CPV Boot Camp” Workshops designed specifically to provide thenecessary tools for solar project developers, utilities and financiersto evaluate Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) systems as a compellingtechnology for medium and large scale projects deployed in the solarrich regions of the world. These one-day seminars provide aunique

A Look at CPV Projects in the U.S.

CSP has been an industry on the verge "taking off" for a couple of years now. But, with some major projects receiving significant approvals fromthe California Energy Commission (CEC) and the Bureau of LandManagement (BLM) in recent months, it looks like several of theseGoliath projects really are close to crossing the finish line. In order


JDSU Enters The CPV Market

The concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) market has beenlong on promise and short on results.  But there have been a few hopeful signs of late. Kleiner Perkins saw fit to invest $130 million into CPV systems vendor Amonix.  And shortly after that fund raise, Cogentrix announced a 30 megawatt project with Amonix.  That’s easily the largest CPV