20 Mar

CPV: Call it a Comeback?


The most efficient form of solar power, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV), is the least commonly used …

27 Jan

Top 10 Future Green Technologies


On the face of it, green technologies seem to have slightly lost their sheen in …

28 Oct

Soitec Nears 45% Solar PV Cell Efficiency


The limits of solar efficiency are being pushed higher by the newest multi-junction PV cell …

08 Aug

Solar Outperforms S&P in 13 States


Thirteen might not be a lucky number, but it seems like a better number when …

22 May

New CPV Efficiency Record for Amonix


Amonix, which makes concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) systems, has once again broke a world record for …

26 Feb

Amonix Teams Up with Solar Junction

Greentech Media

2012 was not a good year for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar firms. GreenVolts went under …

30 Nov

CPV Startup REhnu Grabs SunShot Grant


REhnu, a solar company that spun out of the University of Arizonaoptics department, was awarded …

25 Nov

Stion: Big Winner of SunShot Incubator 7


Department of Energy just announced winners of its SunShot Incubator 7 program. In all, the …

18 Oct

The State Of The CPV Market 2013

Phoenix Green Business Examiner

A US-based solar manufacturer has offered a glimmer of light to the much-maligned solar market. …

20 Jul

Amonix Closes Nevada Factory

Greentech Media

After the recent news of Amonix closing its North Las Vegas, NV factory and the …

20 Jun

Soitec Wins $25M SUNPATH Award


Soitec’s new manufacturing facility in San Diego got a $25 million boost this week from …

31 May

Guardian Glass Being Used Across Solar Industry

Greentech Media

Solar products from flat PV (photovoltaic) modules to CSP (concentrated solar power) mirrors to the …