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In Focus: Solar in the Movies

In Focus: Solar in the Movies

From sci-fi to drama and adventure, movies capture our attention and spur imagination like no other medium. In recent years, as the solar industry has grabbed our attention with increasing efficiency and every-lowering prices, the movie industry has also taken notice of this opportune resource. Not only are we seeing more and more solar on


Michael Jantzen’s Multi-form Building System

The Multi-form Building System is a design study for a prefabricated, modular, kit of parts that can be assembled into many different kinds of curved spaces, in order to accommodate many different needs. The basic components would consist of several different sizes of pre-insulated curved, and flat eco-friendly concrete composite panels. Some of the panels


Sunrun Teams Up with Nest on Energy Efficient Homes

You’ve installed solar on your roof — now how do you make the most of it? That’s a question we’re always asking around these parts, and today Sunrun is helping to provide an answer. (Note: SunRun is an installer partner of SolarEnergy.net’s parent company, One Block Off the Grid.) Through a partnership with Nest, the


Electric Cars: $1 Gallon of Gas

Remember the days when a gallon of gas cost $1 or less? While those days are gone for cars that run on petroleum, people that drive electric cars are enjoying the good ‘ole days. The national average for an eGallon is $1.14 – the amount of electricity that equals a gallon of gas in terms


PV @ $0.37 per watt in 2017?

That’s according to a new GTM Research report introduced today (June 18). The report contends that by the end of 2017, the costs of manufacturing crystalline silicon PV modules will fall to 37 cents per watt for leading Chinese PV manufacturers including Jinko Solar, Renesola, Trina Solar and Yingli Green Energy. The majority of the


2014: The Year of Solar Grid Parity

Because of strong demand for rooftop solar forecast this year in key markets and further drops in pricing, Deutsche Bank believes the solar industry will transition from subsidized to sustainable in 2014. The industry passed the 100 gigawatt (GW) threshold in 2012 and because of strong demand expected this year, the Bank expects solar to grow 20% – to


The 7 Biggest Solar Myths

1.  Solar energy is too expensive. According to SunRun, 97% of Americans overestimate the upfront cost of going solar.  Since the price of PV has been declining, solar energy is more affordable than ever. There are federal and state incentives in place today that give the technology the chance to grow, while making solar energy

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3 Great Ways to Lower Energy Costs With Alternative Energy

  A large number of homeowners are unable to grapple with the rising energy costs. Over 85% of the energy used in the world is from non-renewable resources. Remember, “Time’s winged chariot hurrying near,” as all the non-renewable resources may deplete in near future. Therefore, it may compel us to rely only on the renewable


Solar + Nanotechnolgy: The Future of Energy

One of our Solar Energy World Facebook fans requested a blog post about solar power and nanotechnology. These two technologies combined could pave the way for even more efficient and cost effective solar power generation in the future. This post will give an overview of the concept of nanotechnology, and the effect that it may