13 Nov

Climate Change and National Security


An advisory panel assembled by the National Research Council, an independent provider of scientific expertise …

13 Nov

“Solar” and “Jobs” = BFF

Suntech Connect

Did you know that for every megawatt of solar power produced and installed, 30 jobs …

11 Jul

Energy Efficiency = More Sex?

Climate Progress

My first foray into this topic, “Sex is better with energy efficiency,” was warmly – …

29 Apr

Low Natural Gas Prices and U.S. Electric Generation


The dramatic drop in natural gas prices in the U.S. has been widely discussed in …

25 Apr

The Correlation Between The American Home and Oil

If there’s one asset the world has little use for, it’s an American single family …

05 Apr

The Correlation Between LNG Exports and Natural Gas Prices


Natural gas producers are searching for options to increase their revenues as gas prices in …