Road to Copenhagen, Part 3: Re-Tooling Industry

Incase we need more evidence that an urgent economic transformation isrequired to avoid catastrophic climate change, it can be found in a new study commissioned by World Wildlife Fund International. Conducted by Climate Risk Pty. Ltd. of Great Britain and Australia, the study concludes: Runaway climate change is almost inevitable without specific action to implement […] Read more

Road to Copenhagen, Part 2: Risky Business

The evidence is irrefutable: Climate change poses enormous risks toeconomic stability, public health, ecosystem services, and nationalsecurity, as well as to the environment. How should we manage those risks? The first step is to acknowledgethem. The second is to start listening to the experts who manage risksfor a living. Over the past two months, I’ve […] Read more

Road to Copenhagen, Part 1: Doing the Climate Shuffle

There’s a familiar dance being performed on the world stage. It’scalled the Climate Shuffle.  It has been going on for decades, but morepeople are watching now and every nation is practicing the steps. The dance is not complicated. The goal is to get everybody dancingtogether, a kind of Clean Electric Slide. But first, insist you […] Read more

The Path to Copenhagen 2009

In which Copenhagen’s climatic present meets its dramatic past, and anagrams come to the rescue. Editor’sNote: The following is somewhat unusual for us. It marks the first timewe’ve published poetry. The work, though, concerns one of the majorevents coming in the greentech world – the COP15 United Nations ClimateChange Conference – and the arts arguably […] Read more

U.S. Officials More Upbeat On Climate Progress Before Copenhagen

The U.S. Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, and a leading senator predicted that Congress will make good progress on climate legislation— and may even pass a bill — before a meeting in Copenhagen in Decemberto forge an international treaty to slow global warming. The remarks byChu and Sen. Barbara Boxer of California were markedly more optimisticthan […] Read more