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China in Copenhagen Day 4: Back to BASICs!

China in Copenhagen Day 4: Back to BASICs!

We spent much of today making sense of the reverberations emanating from Tuvalu’s controversial proposal yesterdayand the subsequent stalling of the negotiations. We were able to gleansome updates through the plenary sessions, press briefings, and our owninterpretation of the texts in contention…(Somehow, people have startedapproaching us for the latest intel on what the “Tuvalu situation” is).


Copenhagen Kickoff

Today marks the fist day of the event the world has been waiting for.  Sort of. It has now been known for months that the UN climate conference in Copenhagen,also known as the Conference of the Parties 15, or COP-15, will notdeliver a full legally binding international agreement on climatechange action that we’ve all hoped


Copenhagen 101

The ingredients for a successful outcome at Copenhagen are allthere.   We are on track to set the architecture for a legally bindingagreement in 2010 by following a two-step Danish proposal supported byPresident Barack Obama and finalizing an interim agreement at themeeting. Here’s how actions by the Obama administration andinternational community have moved us toward

Expert Says Cleantech Investment Not Dependent on Copenhagen

Investment in renewable energy could reach a record $200 billionworldwide in 2010 regardless of the outcome of climate talks inDenmark, New Energy Finance chair Michael Liebreich told Bloomberg News. Liebreich,whose firm provides research into the clean energy sector, said privateand public spending on technology like solar panels and wind turbineswill rise about 50% from $130

Green Copenhagen

If you’re one of the lucky few who will be attending the Copenhagenclimate summit next week, maybe you’ll find yourself walking in arenewable-based carpet; drive a European car using renewable-basedtires and also fueled by algae; have lunch using bioplastic cups andcutlery; stay in an eco-friendly hotel that uses green cleaningproducts or even organic toiletries; and

Copenhagen Diagnosis

The recently released Copenhagen Diagnosis is a report that reiteratesthe scientific evidence for immediate action on climate change. Thestudy is described as the final scientific briefing book for the 192countries attending COP15. The report was compiled by a group of 25scientists from Europe, North America and Australia. The reportaddresses a wide range of evidence including

Countdown to Copenhagen

In December 2009, twenty thousand people, includingabout 40 heads of state, will converge in Copenhagen to decide how theworld responds to escalating climate change over the next half century. If successful, the meeting of 192 member countries of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)will send a clear signal to business and industry, governments

The Leadership We Need: Obama to Pledge U.S. Emission Cuts at Copenhagen

President Obama is slated to speak in Copenhagen on December 9th.Many hope that his address to representatives from around the worldwill set a positive tone for the negotiations. For the first time inover a decade, an American administration will be proposing emissioncaps. According to the New York Times,the President will pledge the United States to

President Obama Will Attend Copenhagen

Administrator officials told Reutersthat President Obama would attend the Copenhagen Conference inDecember.  Officials said that he would stop by the conference on Dec.9 on his way to pick up the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. Hopes for an international agreement have been squashed recently afterthe Obama Administration and other leaders in the world declared afinalized


U.S.- China Cooperation Create Path to Copenhagen Success

The United States and China announced on Tuesday a package of cooperative agreementson clean energy and climate change that are remarkable in both breadthand ambition. The cluster of seven initiatives, partnerships, actionplans, and research centers covers a range of low-carbon energystrategies from electric cars to energy efficiency technologies. These agreements follow on the heels of

Obama and Copenhagen

U.S.President Barack Obama said on Monday he would travel to Copenhagennext month if a climate summit is on the verge of a framework deal andhis presence there will make a difference in clinching it…. “If I am confident that all of the countries involved are bargainingin good faith and we are on the brink of

Road to Copenhagen, Part 6: Tragedy of the commons vs. action by the uncommon

Members ofCongress are the custodians of a sacred trust: to protect the vitalityand integrity of the extraordinary experiment the Founders began.  Forexample, the debate about climate change isn’t just about polar bearsand energy prices. It’s about whether a free people will be aresponsible people, a capitalist economy will be a caring economy and ademocracy will

Road to Copenhagen, Part 4: A New Social Contract

As we approach the climate conference in Copenhagen, politicians arebalking and diplomats are burning the midnight oil, deprived of sleep.But we can take heart. Some unlikely new heroes may come to the rescue. One prospective hero is The Citizen-Consumer.  Consumers are not thefirst group that pops to my mind when I think about environmentalleadership. Unbridled