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A Japanese energy executive in Copenhagen speaking on energy efficiency and renewables

Another day in Copenhagen, more crammed line-waiting at Disneyland in Denmark. And that means more up-too close-and-personal interviews for CP readers courtesy of my Flip camcorder. Here’s Ken-Ichi Shinoda, Asst. Manager, Environment Dept., Corporatre Strategy Dept., Osaka Gas Company: Popout Source


Copenhagen, Day Eight: Climate Progress Behind Closed Doors

As the second and final week of the the United Nations Climate Change Conferencebegins, the Bella Center is now thronged with members of civil society,the world press, and governmental delegations, overwhelming the15,000-person facility. At the end of the week over 110 heads of state will arrive, meet, and speak publicly on whether they can sufficiently

China in Copenhagen, Days 6-8 #cop15

Today (Day 8), our fingers have finally thawed out after waiting two hours outside the Bella Center(can you spot us in the picture to the right?)- the nexus of COPactivity, so that we are be able to bring you the latest updates onChina in Copenhagen.  The weekend proved slow for the COP, owing muchto the distraction provided

Copenhagen Day Eight #cop15

"In less than a week, I believe we will achieve global agreement on climate change,"Danish prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen told an audience at the 15thConference of the Parties at the United Nations Framework Convention onClimate Change in Copenhagen this weekend.  The task of reaching anagreement in Copenhagen by week’s end still looks grey at

Emails about Copenhagen

The green blog does not believe on waste so here are some of theemails I received about reports and activities concerning the ClimateChange Summit in Copenhagen (before they magically disappear lol!). The Global Climate Network released its report, "Low-Carbon Jobs in an Interconnected World",stating that low-carbon policies has the potential to create 20 millionjobs between

Copenhagen Climate Conference: Day 5

The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen has reached the halfwaymark, and on Friday the announcement came a working group had written adraft which may form the core of new agreement. The six page draft could ultimately replace the Kyoto Protocol when itexpires in 2012, however presently many of the figures in the text areshown

Copenhagen Day Six

The15th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations FrameworkConvention on Climate Change has reached the midpoint of negotiations. While tentative agreements dealing with the sharing of clean energytechnologies and the protection of forests have been reached, the splitbetween developing nations and industrialized countries continues towiden over who bears the responsibility for cutting global emissionsand


Copenhagen, Day Five: Negotiations Move Slowly Forward

The Wonk Room is reporting and tweeting on the scene from Copenhagen during the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Blame Canada The mayor of Toronto, Canada, David Miller, accepted the top two Fossil of the Day awardsfrom the International Climate Action Network on behalf of Canada. Theclimate organizations and Miller criticized Canada’s conservativegovernment for its


Copenhagen Week 2: What to Expect

This weekend in Copenhagen, they’re thinking about what really matters… Monday will mark the beginning of the pivotal second week of the UnitedNations Climate Conference (COP-15), making this prime time forconjecture. What will national leaders promise in the way of greenhouse gas emission reduction, and will they agree on a global carbon pricing system in

China in Copenhagen Day 5

Plenary sessions were closed off to observers today, which means that we unfortunately cannot beat the Earth Negotiations Bulletinwith insights as to what went down on the negotiating floor. Nonetheless, we were able to get quotes from Vice Minister of ForeignAffairs He Yafei (seated center; on his left is Yu Qingtai, leadingnegotiator in the Chinese

Copenhagen Conference: Day 4

A war on drafts has broken out at the UN Climate Change conference, ona day which also say the European Union (EU) commit $3 billion US toclimate fund, the G-77 chief negotiator of walk out of talks in angerand a divisive split over a proposed the two degree target. As the Danish draft continues to

Copenhagen and Applied Materials (AMAT)

Goodluck to the Conference of Parties in Copenhagen! I have the privilegeof traveling there over the weekend as part of a delegation organizedby California’s Climate Action Reserveand its program arm, the Center for Climate Action. This delegation ofover 100 individuals includes business people, state and localofficials and staff (including Governor Schwarzenegger, two other U.S.governors and two

Myth vs. Reality on the Copenhagen Summit

Myth #1: Copenhagen is already a failure. Instead of abinding agreement we’ll end up with a political deal that gets usnowhere. Reality: We are on schedule at Copenhagen to complete thefirst of a two-step negotiating process designed to finish a newinternational agreement well in advance of the end of the firstcommitment period for the Kyoto

A Post from Copenhagen

I’mposting from foggy Denmark. Much like Vermont, but flatter and withthatched roofs (beautiful roofs, but how would we attach PV)! A fewhundred years ago the area we are in, Tisvildeleje, was buried by sanddunes due to deforestation. These dunes buried entire villagesincluding a church we visited! Eventually they reseeded, thenreforested 60,000+ hectares of dune and