07 May

Cooking Solar in a Microwave Oven?

The Daily Fusion

University of Utah metallurgists created a “recipe” to produce solar cell material in a microwave …

17 Nov

Cooking With Solar Power

Energy Refuge

Solar power is, quite rightly, associated with rooftop panels,since this is the most common use …

21 Jul

The Solar Cooking Panel Concept from Electrolux


Industrial designer Njegos Lakic is envisioning the future ofcooking appliances, when systems that are safe …

19 Aug

Smart Sun Solar Cooker


This is the Smart Sun Solar Cooker that is good for a small family of …

05 Aug

World’s largest solar cooking system in India feeds 20,000 pilgrims daily


Indiahas been working on to escalate the use of solar energy in the country.Previously news …