11 Feb

Insane Solar Plants Continue to Come Online in California


More huge utility-scale solar plants are coming online in California - Topaz Solar Farm and Desert Sunlight. Located …

15 Jan

Micro Windmill Recharges Phone Batteries

The Daily Fusion

A UT Arlington research associate and electrical engineering professor have designed a micro-windmill that generates …

02 Dec

Shorts Continue to Attack Jinko Solar $JKS

Dr. Duru

Shortinterest in Jinko Solar (JKS) increased at its fastest pace ever, almost doubling in the …

08 Oct

Solar Stocks Continue to Sizzle

J. Peter Lynch

A month ago (September 2nd) I said that the market over the past weeks(August) had …

21 Sep

Solar Stocks Continue Upward Movement

J. Peter Lynch

As I said in my last article over the past few months the market hasbeen …

18 Aug

Electricity Rates Continue Upward Trend

Residential Solar 101

The latest Electric Power Monthly report from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows yet another …

16 Aug

Solar ETF’s Continue To Outperform

ETF Trends

The concept of solar energy sounds like a free and easy answer, butone of the …

15 Aug

Solar Market to Continue Growth in 2011

PC's Solar Photovoltaics Blog

Despite concerns that reductions in government incentives will haltgrowth in installations of solar photovoltaic (PV) …

20 Jul

PV Backsheet Market Will Continue Growth

Solar Industry

The global solar PV backsheetinstalled capacity has been increasing year by year, from210.8 MW in …

28 Jun

Solar Gadget Chargers Continue to Hit the Market


If you are a travel-freak who loves keeping electronic gadgets close athand and working, here’s …

16 Jun

Inverter Market Will Continue Solid Growth

Solar Industry

A new report from IDC Energy Insights suggests that the utility-scale solar photovoltaic inverter market …

01 Jun

Solar Stocks Continue Under Performance

J. Peter Lynch

As the old saying goes, “A rising tide raises ALL boats”, but bewarebecause the reverse …