14 Apr

The BMW Concept X5 eDrive

The Daily Fusion

BMW is using the New York International Auto Show 2014 to present the BMW Concept X5 …

21 Mar

Residential vs. Commercial Energy Use

CleanEdison Blog

Combined, buildings in the United States consume 40% of all energy. But these buildings are …

13 Feb

Did You Know? Smartphones Reduce Energy Usage

The Green Market Oracle

Smartphones are an increasingly ubiquitous aspect of modern life and research shows that they are …

10 Feb

The Visable Change in Asia’s Energy Consumption

As people are coming to understand, Asian economic growth over the past two decades—despite its …

07 Feb

Doubling U.S. Energy Productivity By 2030

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

The Alliance Commission on National Energy Efficiency Policy released a report today with recommendations that …

30 Jan

China: Consuming Just As Much Coal As Rest of World Combined

3000 Quads

It’s not always that I agree with Time. But this time I do, even if …

22 Jan

DOE’s International Energy Outlook: Wrong on Developing World

3000 Quads

Regular readers will remember that I predicted that China would be using 247 quads by …

05 Jan

In Focus: Summer vs. Winter Electrical Usage

Cooler Planet

Winter months are often an energy consumption and budget strain. On an annual basis, the …

18 Dec

2012′s Top 5 Oil & Gas Plays

2012 has been a stellar year for oil and gas. From East Africa to North …

06 Dec

Combining Data to Figure out Climate Change

3000 Quads

I apologize once again for the usual reasons. First, for the length of time since …

29 Oct

Can India Meet It’s Lofty Coal Goals?

3000 Quads

I have written before that India has lots of coal–and they do. I have also …

10 Sep

WOW: GM Loses $50K on Every Volt Produced

Energy Boom

Despite selling a record number of Chevy Volts in August, General Motors is losing money …