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Consumer Reports Accuses Ford of Falsifying Fuel Economies

Though they insisted it was an honest mistake, about a month or so ago, Hyundai and Kia were caught exaggerating fuel economies across their expansive model line.  Yesterday, Consumer Reports accused the Ford Motor Company of doing the same. The consumer protection magazine is arguing that neither the new Ford C-MAX nor the new Ford […] Read more

The PVEL-GTM Solar Reliability Scorecard

How do you know when you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck? That’s an answer Consumer Reports has been answering since 1936 for all manner of modern conveniences from stereos to cars to HVAC systems and more. But no one’s really taken the same scientific evaluative approach across all photovoltaics (PVs), using scientific testing […] Read more

Consumer Reports: People Want Fuel Efficient Vehicles

According to a Consumer Reports survey, 93 percent of respondents “support increased fuel efficiency.” People want greener cars as is evidenced by the fact that 77 percent are in favor of car manufacturers producing more fuel-efficient vehicles, and 80 percent agreeing with fuel economy standards requiring fleet averages to top 55 miles per gallon by […] Read more