Copenhagen Climate Conference: Day 10 #cop15

The possibility of agreement in Copenhagen is all but lost. As worldleaders arrived at the UN Climate Change Conference, there ultimatelymay be nothing for them to vote on. As protestors outside the Bella Convention Centre were doused in pepperspray beaten with batons and 230 of them arrested and detained, insidenegotiators still dealing with core issues […] Read more

First Solar 2010 Outlook Conference Call Recap (FSLR)

FirstSolar expects to generate $2.7 billion to $2.9 billion in annual salesand start adding 424 megawatts of annual production capacity in 2010. The Tempe, Ariz.-based company (NSDQ: FSLR) sees Germany, itslargest market, to continue to be a magnet for solar energyinstallations, especially for the first half of the year. Overall,First Solar anticipates the global demand […] Read more

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference: Day 9 Recap cop#15

The UN Climate Change Conference is entering the decisive phase, asheads of state and government begin to arrive for the final few days ofnegotiations. While UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is saying the leaders are facinga “defining moment in history”. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown,offers a more sobering assessment stating the deal “faces problems” andwonders […] Read more

Copenhagen Conference: Day 8 Recap

After a brief boycott of the UN Climate talks on Monday, poor countries agreed to resume talks. The European Union says poor countries have stopped their boycott ofclimate change negotiations and have found a solution to their disputewith rich nations. Informal talks resolved the impasse between rich and poor nationsending the day long boycott, which […] Read more

Copenhagen Climate Conference: Day 5

The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen has reached the halfwaymark, and on Friday the announcement came a working group had written adraft which may form the core of new agreement. The six page draft could ultimately replace the Kyoto Protocol when itexpires in 2012, however presently many of the figures in the text areshown […] Read more

Copenhagen Conference: Day 4

A war on drafts has broken out at the UN Climate Change conference, ona day which also say the European Union (EU) commit $3 billion US toclimate fund, the G-77 chief negotiator of walk out of talks in angerand a divisive split over a proposed the two degree target. As the Danish draft continues to […] Read more

Clean Energy Now: The 2009 New Jersey Clean Energy Conference

With over 1,000 attendees, 400 dinner guests, 200 field trip participants and 80 exhibitors, the 2009 New Jersey Clean Energy Conference was the most successful in the expo’s five year history. U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu, co-winner of the1997 Nobel Prize for Physics, joined New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzineto open the event […] Read more

IDC readies ICT Sustainability Index ahead of UN’s COP15 Climate Change Conference

IDC today announced that it has completed an index, the ICTSustainability IndexTM, that scores a country’s ability to useinformation and communications technologies (ICT) to effectively reduceits CO2 emissions. The complete results will be released at a pressconference in Copenhagen on December 10th. The ICTSustainability Index ranks the individual countries that make up theG20, who also […] Read more

IntertechPira’s 2nd annual concentrating solar thermal power conference to be held May 5-7 in San Diego

IntertechPira is pleased to announce the 2nd annual Concentrating SolarThermal Power 2010 conference, scheduled for May 5-7, 2010 at the HotelSolamar in San Diego, CA. This year’s program will addressopportunities and challenges for large scale solar electric generationthrough concentrated solar power thermal (CST) technologies. Key topicsto be covered include an introduction to the current market […] Read more

Themes From The ASPO Peak Oil Conference

One of the more interesting themes that emerged from this year’sASPO peak oil conference was the problems of maintaining complexsystems, and the role that energy plays in them. Dr. Jason Bradford, the biology brains behind Farmland LP (more on that here), ticked off a few of the key vulnerabilities of the U.S. food system in […] Read more

PV Power Plants 2009 Conference Focuses On Large-Scale Projects

PV Power Plants 2009, organized by Solarpraxis AG, will be held Dec. 10-11 in Las Vegas. Accordingto the organizers, this event is the first conference focusingexclusively on the large solar power plant market segment – systemsrequiring very high capital investment. The conference will addresstechnology, project development and implementation, quality assurance,legal frameworks, financing, markets for large-scale […] Read more

“There is no such thing as a Moore’s Law in energy”

Every week someone at a conference will suggest, "What we need is aMoore’s Law for energy." It comes right after someone else asks, "Whereis the Google of greentech?" I thus want to give a big thumbs up to Vivek Mehra, a partner atAugust Capital and co-founder of Cobalt Networks, for publicly andeloquently stating what some […] Read more

Intersolar – Munich 2009

We just got back from the Intersolar show on Friday and what anamazing experience it was to see the scale of solar energy industry.More than 1,400 manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and service providersfrom all over the world were exhibiting there in nine giant halls withover 100,000 square meters of exhibition space and an estimated 60,000visitors. Overall […] Read more

Solar 2009–Someone Forgot the Hope

I attended the ASES conference in Buffalo, NY lastweek. The tone was much less exuberant than last year’s conference inSan Diego when oil prices were still rising ~$1/day. A lot has improvedfor the solar industry over the last year—in terms of actuallegislation passed, the pace of solar installations in states likeCalifornia, and the tone of […] Read more