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Where Solar Concentrators and Energy Efficient Lights Meet

Concentrating PV and solar lighting are two industries with compelling ideas and, to date, relatively anemic sales. Combining ideas from both fields might be the answer. Canada’s SunCentral is in the midst of testing a solar lighting system that it says can reduce lighting and cooling loads in buildings while making offices more pleasant places

Can Concentrators Undercut PV on Price?

Solar concentrators seem perpetually to be the zero-billion-dollar market in green technology, but times are changing. Soliant, which spun out of Caltech, has come out with a new version ofits concentrator/PV module system that it says can deliver power for"the lowest price per kilowatt hour for commercial rooftopinstallations," or 8 cents per kilowatt hour. The

Are Concentrators Finally Gaining Ground?

Maybe concentrators are no longer the Rodney Dangerfield of solar. Congentrix Energy announced today that it would build a 30-megawattsolar park for a division of Xcel Energy in Colorado. While solar parksof this size are becoming somewhat common, this deal is unusual in thatthe field will be composed of multi-junction solar panels combined withconcentrators and


Pyron Pioneers Solar Concentrators With New Patent

Pyron Solar Inc. (Pyron) is a San Diego company that develops and makes solar concentrators. Pyron and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) recently announcedthat SDG&E is building a demonstration project to test Pyron’spatented concentrated solar power system. The system uses shallow poolsof water as a passive cooling system for high efficiency solar cells. Pyron’s

How Automakers Can Help the Solar Industry

San Francisco–Skyline Solar is trying to live without factories. The company, which has created a system that combines silicon solar cells with a concentrator,gets its solar cells from five different suppliers, said Tim Keating,vice president of marketing and operations of the company during ameeting at Intersolar taking place this week in San Francisco. It thenhires