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The 5 Greenest Online Retailers

The 5 Greenest Online Retailers

Everyone on Earth should strive to be environmentally responsible. With the way that people blatantly litter and pollute our home, who knows if our species- or any species- will exist in another 100 years. While the way we handle our affairs now may not necessarily affect us in the future, we should care enough to


eBay Goes Solar in Utah

In the spring of 2010 eBay opened Topaz, the first wholly-owned data center in South Jordan, Utah (which was awarded LEED® Gold status by the US Green Building Council). Since then eBay has continued to invest in Utah and worked to demonstrate commitment to make their operations even more efficient and sustainable, with this latest rooftop


Dominion Power Expands Its Solar Program

Dominion Virginia Power, the state’s largest electricity company, has just proposed paying a premium price as a way to encourage customers to install solar energy and sell the electricity back to the company. The company recently asked the State Corporation Commission to allow the purchase of solar-generated electricity from residential and small commercial customers at


The 12 Biggest Smart Grid Companies

A smart grid is an electrical grid, that is digitally enabled to procure & distribute information in order to improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of electrical devices. It involves the application of digital processing and communications to the power grid. A smart grid replaces analog mechanical meters with digital meters that record usage in real


Infinite Life for Thin Film Batteries?

Infinite Power Solutions (IPS) of Littleton, Colorado has announced that its thin film rechargeable batteries are now capable of 75,000 deep discharge cycles. Most rechargeable batteries are capable only of 300 to 1000 deep discharge cycles and need to be replaced thereafter. This breakthrough could signal the hope for rechargeable batteries that can last the


Microsoft: Carbon Neutral Starting July 1st

In a significant move, Microsoft is doing what the federal government should do – place a price on carbon to drive rapid increases in efficiency. Beginning on July 1, Microsoft announced it will be carbon neutral in all its direct operations including data centers, software development labs, air travel, and office buildings worldwide. That’s no


Renewz PV Carports: Coming to America

Solar carports are gaining traction across the world and now Italian-designed solar carports are coming to the U.S., thanks to renewz sustainable solutions’ new isola carport. The Giulio Barbieri-designed carports are designed for quick installation and intended for commercial purposes like at car dealerships or real estate companies, where they can be used partly as