23 Jun

Chinese Conglomerates Stronger After Industry Crisis

Green Chip Stocks

While thousands of small solar companies in the world have gone / are going bust …

22 Jun

eBay’s New Data Center: 100% Powered by Bloom Fuel Cells


eBay announced it will power its flagship data center with renewable energy as its primary power source, the …

22 Jun

Panasonic Ready for Insane Solar Sales in Japan

Green Chip Stocks

Next month, a feed-in-tariff (FIT) will be introduced in Japan. The tariff will grant solar …

19 Jun

Will The Remaining Thin Film Solar Companies Make It?

Green Chip Stocks

While the solar bankruptcies that have been going on for the last year or so …

14 Jun

IKEA Adds Another 5 Megawatts of Solar

Green Chip Stocks

IKEA has recently announced plans to install PV solar panels this summer at two east …

12 Jun

Talesun Solar Awarded Seal of Quality for PV Modules

Talesun Solar: the first Chinese Solar company to be awarded the “VDE Quality Tested“ seal …

10 Jun

4 Cleantech Companies Make Red Herrings Top 100 List


This year’s Red Herring Top 100 companies in the Americas, which celebrates the most innovative, promising privately held …

10 Jun

The Big Tunas Get It: GE, Buffett, Google, Apple go the Clean Energy Route

Climate Progress

Google is backing it. So is Warren Buffett, America’s most-watched investor. GE, one of the …

08 Jun

Analysts: Not Surprised Konarka Collapsed


Solar company Konarka Power Plastic’s bankruptcy announcement early this week was no surprise to some …

08 Jun

The Big Movers in the Corporate Green Ranking Report

The Green Market Oracle

As reviewed in a June 4, 2012 Environmental Leader article, Computer chip maker Intel and …

05 Jun

Lux Research: Technology will Improve Solar Costs and Industry Margins


Researchers are developing solar technologies now that will replace what’s on the market today with …

01 Jun

The 5 Greenest Online Retailers


Everyone on Earth should strive to be environmentally responsible. With the way that people blatantly …