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Walmart Boosts Solar Production in Ohio

Walmart Boosts Solar Production in Ohio

The amount of solar used in Ohio is about to rise by 10% – why? Simply because Walmart is installing solar PV on the roofs of 12 stores in the state. This demonstrates the influence a huge corporation’s shift to renewable energy can have. With 4.5 megawatts of solar, Walmart has about a tenth of


Promise Energy: Solar Hot Water Rockstar

Promise Energy is a newcomer to southern California’s solar hot water market, but the company has wasted no time building a strong business. Promise, which is just a year old, has focused on solar hot water installations for multi-family affordable housing complexes in Los Angeles and San Diego, said spokesman Andy Mannle. “Solar hot water

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Kingtec Solar: Poised to OWN The Solar AC Market

“One Hundred million affected by Indonesian power outage“;  “Short circuit in Brazil leaves 190 million without power”, “Over 375,000 customers without power in San Francisco“; “Up to 90% of population in Chilewithout power”; “600 million in India face power outage” . The number and frequency of electrical power outages is as staggering as the number of people impacted. Surprisingly still,


How Cool Earth Keeps Costs Low

As they deploy their first demonstration projects, Cool Earth Solar executives believe they’re poised to change the entire solar industry landscape. “We didn’t take anyone else’s idea and improve on it,” said Cool Earth CEO Rob Lamkin. “We started with a clean sheet of paper.” Cool Earth’s objective when it was founded in northern California


VC’s Focus on Energy Efficiency Companies

Venture capital firms that focus on cleantech are looking for the next big area to invest in, and they seem to have settled on smart grid, energy storage and other efficiency technologies. “We are going through a repositioning of cleantech,” Wal van Lierop, founder of Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, told Bloomberg. “The big sectors –


“Disruptive” Energy Companies Honored by MIT

MIT Technology Review, a publication of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has released its 2013 “50 Disruptive Companies” List. Among the companies recognized are a series of cutting edge firms that are ushering in a new era of clean, renewable energy. “The pace at which technology changes is astounding,” said Jason Pontin, publisher and editor


Warren Buffett “Likes” Energy Sharing

PacifiCorp and the California Independent System Operator Corporation (the ISO) will work together to lead the entire western U.S. toward a new energy-sharing market that will smooth the way for more reliability in power delivery and more renewables. PacifiCorp (PINK:PPWRP), which controls two balancing authorities covering portions of six western states, and the ISO, the


In Focus: First Solar’s Carbon Footprint

First Solar’s mission, business, and strategy focus on delivering clean and affordable electricity.  As a leading renewable energy company, First Solar offers a significant response to climate change by providing power solutions that produce electricity with no air emissions, waste production, and minimal water use. First Solar is helping to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG)


SunPartner Enters U.S Market

SunPartner, a French company that won the second-ever Nobel Sustainability award earlier this month, is expanding its technology to solarize new surfaces and its market reach into the United States. SunPartner is known for its WYSIPS technology, which stands for “What You See Is a Photovoltaic Surface.” It’s an ultra-thin, transparent and flexible solar film


China’s Solar Growth: Holy Cow!

China is upping its solar target once again, after having done so several times in past couple of years. Last year, China raised the target to an eye-popping 21 gigawatts (GW) by 2015, and the new target of 35 GW is 67% higher than that. That means, in just 3 years, China will have added


2012’s Greenest Companies

Throughout the last year, many of the wealthiest companies around the globe put millions of company dollars towards environmental preservation projects.  As many industrial fields look into “greener” methods of production and operations, they have also donated funding to charitable efforts that promote sustainability, reduce pollution, and protect wildlife.  Looking back at six of the