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In Focus: Rooftop Solar System Obstacles

The dramatic decline in the cost of solar energy, combined with a greater understanding of its financial benefits have made rooftop solar more appealing to homeowners across the US. But some clean energy enthusiasts have discovered that installing solar on their property isn’t as easy as it may sound. Trees, skylights, chimneys, roof structures and […] Read more

Energy Storage and Community Solar Farms

While a number of local residents, businesses and institutions have installed solar panels on their roofs or elsewhere to reduce electrical costs and CO2 emissions, many others do not have the correct roof orientation or size required. In addition, because a number of business and residential properties are rented, the occupants do not have the […] Read more

Solar Friendly Bills Passed in California

In the waning hours of California’s legislative session, the state’s lawmakers have passed two solar bills, one that will change electric rate structures in California as well as remove the cap on net-metering, the other will allow Californians to purchase renewable energy from their energy utility. The first bill was somewhat controversial with certain groups, […] Read more

Apartment Dwellers in Califonia Go Solar

The solar power boom is underway, especially out here in California, but for most of the rise of the solar revolution one large group of people has been left out: Apartment dwellers have always gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to solar, since residents of multi-family housings could only apply solar […] Read more

Solar in the U.S: Panel Costs Decline, Installation Prices Increase

Enough sunlight falls on the Earth’s surface every hour to meet the entire world’s energy needs for one year. While this abundant source of energy seems like a solution to our energy woes, it all comes down to the ability to convert solar energy into electricity. Far gone are the days when the solar technology meant concentrating […] Read more

In Focus: Community Solar

It sounds great right?  “Community Solar” – two powerful words that get solar enthusiasts excited; but what does it mean?  It turns out it means different things to different people.  The Department of Energy (DOE) commissioned a report last May to dissect the various models and designs for community solar as Community Solar has transitioned dramatically […] Read more

Mosic Sells Out California Solar Crowdfunding Projects in Hours

Mosaic, which is using crowdfunding to develop solar and other clean energy projects, today (April 8) unveiled $100 million in solar projects that Californians can invest in directly. At the same time it launched its first offering in what it is calling the Golden State Series of solar projects in California, crowdfunding a 114 kilowatt […] Read more

In Focus: Socially Responsible Investing

Out with the traditional notions of investing; investors are changing the industry and world by aligning their standard of high monetary return with their desire to do good.  According to US SIF, $3.74 trillion of the $33.3 trillion assets in the 2012 US investment marketplace was under management that used Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) strategies. Social […] Read more

Community Solar Grows Up

Community solar is capturing attention across the US as a way to get clean energy to everyone, including people who rent and whose roofs are too shaded for solar. A paper, “Community Shared Solar: Diverse Approaches for a Common Goal,” illustrates how three utilities are giving customers access to community solar in Florida, Colorado Springs and Tucson. Most community solar installations […] Read more

Mosaic: Bringing Solar to the 75%

From the roof of my condo complex in a sunny part of San Francisco, I can see solar panels on at least a few houses on each surrounding block. Yet solar for our condo has eluded us. When it comes to solar, condos — with multiple owners and HOA regulations — are a tough nut […] Read more

RE-volv: Crowdfunding Community Solar Installations

Andreas Karelas founded RE-volv in 2011. He started the organization, he says, “out of a sense of frustration felt by many of us working for clean energy. The change isn’t happening fast enough and if it’s going to happen now, we’ll have to do it ourselves. There’s a huge opportunity here to mobilize people who […] Read more

In Focus: Los Angeles Solar Rebates and Tax Credits

Solar power in Los Angeles makes perfect sense: on average, the city is blessed with over 3,000 hours of sunshine every year. LA also offers solar rebates and other incentives to help encourage homeowners and businesses to invest in solar panels. The program is a little complicated, and LA rolled out revised solar rebates last […] Read more

Solar for the 75%

By definition, most of us are in the 99%. Some of us may even be in that mythical 47%. But there’s another group that many of us are in, without even being aware of it: the 75%. That’s the estimated number of people who can’t get solar on their roof. While leases are helping far […] Read more

RIP: California Community Solar Bill

Senate Bill 843, a piece of legislation that would have extended the benefits of renewable energy to millions of Californians, died last Friday in the state’s Assembly Committee on Utilities and Commerce. Currently, 75% of households cannot install residential solar (and other renewable energy) systems for one reason or another.   One of the most significant […] Read more