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China vs. U.S. in Commitment to Renewables

Michael Eckhart, the president of The American Council on Renewable Energy (who’s retiring after many years of wonderfully effective service to us all), served as the emcee of the Renewable Energy Finance Forum West 2010. At one point, he attempted to put the concept of “one trillion” intoperspective for the audience. A million seconds is


Governor Martin O’Malley Reaffirms Maryland’s Commitment to Solar

Today, Maryland governor Martin O’Malleysigned into law five energy bills that will drive the adoption ofrenewable energy and accelerate the creation of green jobs across thestate. The main bills that will fuel the growth in the solar industryinclude an acceleration of the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) and an extension of the renewable energy tax credits

Limited Access to Capital Puts Squeeze on Clean Energy

Project developers across the entire energy spectrum are stillcoping with the fallout from recent meltdown in financial markets.Banks and institutional funds are guarding every last penny as theyscramble to sort out their books.  This has resulted in a situationwhere only slam-dunk energy generation projects are attracting investors. On the other hand, lenders have continued investing