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The Solimpeks Hybrid Solar Power Collector

The Solimpeks Hybrid Solar Power Collector

A new product launched by a Turkish solar company called Solimpeks offers an ingenious solution to homeowners who would like to benefit from own solar power. The company’s Volther is a hybrid photovoltaic-solar thermal collector, which produces electricity and hot water simultaneously. The company said in a press statement that the hybrid system allows extra

World’s First Solar Collector Slate from Cupa Group

Cupa Group, the Spain’s largest construction materials company has come up with the world’s first solar collector slate that is just perfect for any kindsof roofing. The solar slates, dubbed as Thermoslate, not only harnesssolar energy, but are structurally superb as well. Aside from adding more than two-third of the energy needs of ACS(Hot Water)


Solimpeks’ Hybrid Solar Collector

Turkish company, Solimpeks Corp., has launched its latest version of a hybrid solar collector, aphotovoltaic (PV) panel that simultaneously produces electricity andheats water. Problems with Conventional PV Solar: Solar water heating has been around for a long time; so have PV panels — and all thefrustrations that come with them. In particular, performancedeterioration due to high


Free Hot Water Solar Thermal Collector Gets Certified

Free Hot Water, a San Jose, California-based solar company, recentlyreceived a seal of approval that qualifies its newest model of solarthermal collectors for state rebate programs.  About a month ago, the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation(SRCC) OK’d the solar manufacturer’s 7000 series solar collector toreceive an OG-100 certification. Many federal and state solar incentive programs

The SunReports Solar Panel Data Collector

If you’vespent thousands of dollars on solar panel system you probably want toknow how well it’s working. At least this is what SunReports was banking on when they invested in the development and production of theirsoon-to-hit-the-market solar panel data collector. The SunReports solar power assessment tool is both a piece of hardware that you runyour

Solar Millennium Begins Testing HelioTrough Radiation Collector Tech

Solar Trust of America LLC, an integrated industrial solar solutionscompany, says that its wholly owned subsidiary, Solar Millennium LLC, has begun testingHelioTrough, its parabolic trough solar radiation collector technology,at an existing solar power plant in the southwestern U.S. Thetesting is designed to assess performance efficiency under commercialoperating conditions before being deployed at proposed solar thermalenergy

TiSUN, Lochinvar Collaborate On New Solar Thermal Collector

TiSUN, a Tyrol, Austria-based developer and seller of solar thermal collectors and solar stratified tanks, has entered into an agreement with Lochinvar Corp., a Lebanon, Tenn.-headquartered manufacturer of water heaters, boilers and pool heaters. TiSUNplans to send an executive from its technical department to the U.S. towork with Lochinvar on a solar thermal system suitable

SunTrac Solar: Building a Better Solar Collector

If you build a better solar collector, will the world beat a path to your door? That’s what SunTrac Solar, of Golden, Colorado, is hoping. SunTrac has made a dramatic improvement to solar technology bydeveloping a system that combines photovoltaic (PV) panels with theadvantages of parabolic solar systems. Parabolic collectorsare constructed with long parabolic mirrors

Solar Water Collectors 101

Solar Collectors AKA: Solar thermal panels Asolar collector consists of a network of pipes through which water (orin colder climates, antifreeze) is heated. Collectors come in varioussizes, with 4 by 8 feet (1.2 x 2.4 m) the most common. On atypical summer day (sunny and warm), the fluid in the collectorsreaches 140°F to 180°F (60°C-80°C).

Solar Batch Heaters 101

Fora hundred years, simple solar batch heaters have been used in theUnited States. The term ICS (integrated collector storage) tells usthat the collector and storage tank are combined into one unit. A tankof water, enclosed in an insulated box covered with glass, is placed inthe sun facing south. Cold water is piped to the bottom