20 Sep

The Solimpeks Hybrid Solar Power Collector

Energy Refuge

A new product launched by a Turkish solar company called Solimpeks offers an ingenious solution …

30 Nov

The Solar Powered Water Collector and Purifier Concept


With more than a billion people on our planet still striving hardfor fresh water, industrial …

18 Oct

World’s First Solar Collector Slate from Cupa Group


Cupa Group, the Spain’s largest construction materials company has come up with the world’s first …

19 Aug

Solimpeks’ Hybrid Solar Collector

Energy Boom

Turkish company, Solimpeks Corp., has launched its latest version of a hybrid solar collector, aphotovoltaic …

24 May

Free Hot Water Solar Thermal Collector Gets Certified

Free Hot Water, a San Jose, California-based solar company, recentlyreceived a seal of approval that …

06 Apr

The SunReports Solar Panel Data Collector

The Solar Ninja

If you’vespent thousands of dollars on solar panel system you probably want toknow how well …

09 Feb

Solar Millennium Begins Testing HelioTrough Radiation Collector Tech

Solar Industry

Solar Trust of America LLC, an integrated industrial solar solutionscompany, says that its wholly owned …

01 Feb

TiSUN, Lochinvar Collaborate On New Solar Thermal Collector

Solar Industry

TiSUN, a Tyrol, Austria-based developer and seller of solar thermal collectors and solar stratified tanks, …

11 Nov

SunTrac Solar: Building a Better Solar Collector

Energy Boom

If you build a better solar collector, will the world beat a path to your …

05 Sep

Solar Water Collectors 101

Solar Knowledge

Solar Collectors AKA: Solar thermal panels Asolar collector consists of a network of pipes through …

30 Aug

Solar Batch Heaters 101

Solar Knowledge

Fora hundred years, simple solar batch heaters have been used in theUnited States. The term …

04 May

Is Zenith Solar The Most Efficient Solar Energy Collector In The World?

Green Prophet

As the old saying goes: necessity is the mother of invention. Andnothing appears to be …