30 Aug

U.S Carbon Emissions @ 20 Year Low


A small sign of environmental positivity is glowing in the United States. According to a …

19 Aug

The Future of Coal Integrated Gasification Combined Cycles


In the U.S. and some other markets around the world, the future of coal generation …

16 Aug

How The Green Button Will Change Energy Data

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Since their introduction, smart meters and “connected” appliances have offered the potential for customers to …

15 Aug

Election 2012: Obama (Wind) vs. Romney (Coal)

The Green Market Oracle

The election of 2012 offers the stark contrast between fossil fuels like coal and clean …

13 Aug

Thanks Clean Energy! U.S Power Plant Emissions Down


An analysis of 2010 emissions data from the top 100 US power producers illustrates the …

09 Aug

India’s Power Grid Failure: What Happened?

The Solarserver

This is the first part of a two part piece by Raj Prabhu of Mercom …

09 Aug

Chicago: The Clean Energy Windy City


It looks like Chicago’s South Side could be getting an environmental injection, with the potential …

03 Aug

U.S Energy Subsidies: By the Numbers

Greentech Media

The latest reminder of the unfairness of life comes from the good folks at GOOD …

02 Aug

Recent India Power Blackout Reinforces Need for Solar

Cleantech, Applied

600 million people without power – and those were the ones expecting to have power. …

22 Jul

Renewable Transportation Fuels Gaining Popularity with Large Corporations

Scaling Green

Below are excerpts from an interesting article at AOL Energy, providing yet more evidence – …

10 Jul

Facebook ‘Likes’ Green Energy


Facebook has sent a clear message to energy producers: start investing in renewable energy now, …

28 Jun

The 7 Most Polluted U.S Cities


Asthma has become something of an epidemic in recent decades. In the U.S. alone, asthma …