Bill Clinton Backs Michigan’s Renewable Energy Ballot Initiative

Michigan is playing host to a major battle over renewable energy this fall. On one side are clean energy proponents promoting a ballot initiative that would increase the state’s renewable electricity targets to 25 percent by 2025. On the other side are large coal-dependent utilities fighting to prevent any new increases. In the middle are […] Read more

The 2012 Election: It’s All About Energy

Recently, GTM asked how the results of the 2012 election will impact U.S. greentech, but a new poll suggests that question put the horse before the cart. The first question is how greentech will impact the 2012 election. Public Policy Polling (PPP) asked 22,412 likely voters in eight states considered to have the potential to […] Read more

Designing for Impact

This was my third year attending the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting (CGI). It seems to get better every year. Between the world leaders, superstar nonprofit organizations, social entrepreneurs, foundations and corporations, former President Clinton has created a movement that is changing the world in sustainable ways.  At my first meeting, I was learning about […] Read more

Bill Clinton Discusses Scaling Sustainability

Earlier this month, Mirebalais Hospital in Haiti starting installing 1,800 solar panels. The hospital, run by nonprofit Partners in Health, will have the largest solar array in Haiti and expects the panels to pay for themselves in less than three years. “The Caribbean has some of the highest electricity rates in the world,” Bill Clinton […] Read more

Bill Clinton to Promote Solar at SPI 2012

Bringing in more than 21,000 professionals from countries all over the planet, Solar Power International is the known to be the solar conference to attend in the solar industry today.  This event, which will be held on September 12 in Orlando, Florida, offers a series of workshops, exhibits, and networking opportunities for renewable energy enthusiasts […] Read more

The Clinton Foundation Backs Solar in Haiti

President Bill Clinton announced four new commitments to provide solar energy to Haiti by Clinton Foundation partners. Clinton took a three-day trip to Haiti to visit project sites featuring solar energy installations. He was accompanied by senior executives of large energy corporations from around the world, including China, Israel, and Ireland, as well as directors […] Read more

Bill Clinton Discussus Energy Ideas at ARPA-E

Former President Bill Clinton stepped onto the stage at ARPA-E’s third annual Energy Innovation Summit to a standing ovation. He started off by reminding the tech-savvy crowd that he was “famously technologically challenged.” He then reflected on his position of being a former president, adding, “One of the saddest things about being a former president […] Read more

Clinton Inspires Strategic Philanthropy

Recently philanthropy made headline news when Bill Gates and WarrenBuffett challenged the world’s top 40 billionaires to join them indonating at least 50% of their wealth to philanthropy at some point intheir lifetime. Published reports show many people are accepting thischallenge. However, there still remains a critical role for allcompanies, private foundations and individuals to […] Read more

Green Energy Corp. Joins Clinton Global Initiative for Ambitious Project

Even before this year’s devastating earthquake destroyed much ofHaiti’s infrastructure, the country was plagued with energy problems. Only 25% of the country had access to the meager energy resources, and nearly half of that electricity was being stolen. Those citizens that were able to afford it paid a hefty premium: Onaverage, Haiti pays about four […] Read more

Bill Clinton Discusses Climate Change

In a little-noticed address at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative,former U.S. President Bill Clinton addressed the issue of climate change stating that natural disasters across the globe will increase infrequency and intensity as climate change takes effect. Started by the former president in 2005, the Clinton Global Initiative has worked to help world leaders and […] Read more