Masdar, E.ON Climate and Renewables establish new carbon project development JV

Masdar, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mubadala Development Companyfocused on renewable energy and sustainability, and E.ON, one of theworld’s leading utility companies, today announced an agreement toestablish E.ON Masdar Integrated Carbon (EMIC), a joint venture companyfocused on developing carbon emission reduction projects on the globalmarket. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, EMIC willcapitalize on the growth […] Read more

Obama’s Climate and Clean Energy Achievement: Year 1

During President-Elect Barack Obama’s transition, the Center for American Progress proposed a 10-point clean-energy agenda for the president and Congressthat would speed the economic transformation to a clean energy economy. A review of these items today finds that all were adopted or areworking their way through the process. This is a startling achievementamidst the worst […] Read more

The Profit of Climate Deniers and a Solar Power Experiment

Here at, we’ve never claimed to be scientists orto have done research on global warming.  We’re just solar geeks, so weleave “science” up to these science guys and these other science guys, and these CIA smarty-pants who all seem to agree that there is real science and a national security threat from global warming. […] Read more

Is Climate Panic Coming?

This decade will largely determine whether humanity gets on the pathto a low-carbon economy fast enough to avert catastrophic climatechange.  And the single biggest obstacle to action today is the same asit’s been for two decades — anti-science conservatives. As Revkin explained in 2008 piece about a major conference of disinformers, “The one thing all […] Read more

Copenhagen Climate Conference: Day 10 #cop15

The possibility of agreement in Copenhagen is all but lost. As worldleaders arrived at the UN Climate Change Conference, there ultimatelymay be nothing for them to vote on. As protestors outside the Bella Convention Centre were doused in pepperspray beaten with batons and 230 of them arrested and detained, insidenegotiators still dealing with core issues […] Read more

China’s Climate Future

Ifyou’re searching for vision at this week’s Copenhagen climateconference, take a look between the lines at what China’s saying onglobal warming. From increasing the share of renewable energy topromoting a new “low-carbon mentality” among its citizens, China hasmade a name for itself as the first industrializing country — ever — tomake serious efforts to limit […] Read more

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference: Day 9 Recap cop#15

The UN Climate Change Conference is entering the decisive phase, asheads of state and government begin to arrive for the final few days ofnegotiations. While UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is saying the leaders are facinga “defining moment in history”. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown,offers a more sobering assessment stating the deal “faces problems” andwonders […] Read more

Copenhagen, Day Eight: Climate Progress Behind Closed Doors

As the second and final week of the the United Nations Climate Change Conferencebegins, the Bella Center is now thronged with members of civil society,the world press, and governmental delegations, overwhelming the15,000-person facility. At the end of the week over 110 heads of state will arrive, meet, and speak publicly on whether they can sufficiently […] Read more

IEA: World Leaders Must Act on Climate

“Whilethe details of a binding agreement may not be completely worked out inCopenhagen, it is more important than ever that participants send astrong, indicative and ambitious signal that can guide energyinvestment and policy decisions globally,” said Nobuo Tanaka, theExecutive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), today atthe UN Climate Change Conference (COP-15) in Copenhagen. […] Read more

China Climate Progress Report 2009

I’m a little late on this and should have definitely included this in our Copenhagen Kickoff post,but better late than never.  Two weeks ago, the National Developementand Reform Commission (NDRC) released a 100-page progress report of itsclimate actions.  While the main messages are familiar to reader ofthis blog, there are lots of interesting nuggets on […] Read more

Copenhagen Climate Conference: Day 5

The UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen has reached the halfwaymark, and on Friday the announcement came a working group had written adraft which may form the core of new agreement. The six page draft could ultimately replace the Kyoto Protocol when itexpires in 2012, however presently many of the figures in the text areshown […] Read more

Copenhagen Conference: Day 4

A war on drafts has broken out at the UN Climate Change conference, ona day which also say the European Union (EU) commit $3 billion US toclimate fund, the G-77 chief negotiator of walk out of talks in angerand a divisive split over a proposed the two degree target. As the Danish draft continues to […] Read more

New Economic Stimulus and Clean Energy Plans Amidst Climate Change Controversy

President Obama unveiled a new economic stimulus plan today at theBrookings Institution in Washington, D.C. It includes tax cuts forsmall businesses, increased spending on infrastructure and new rebatesregarding energy efficiency,proposed to be funded with $200 billion in unused money from theTroubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, financial rescue fund.Advocates of using the $200 billion from […] Read more

The Impact of a Climate Change Deal on Canada

Anew report suggests a deal on climate change is not economicallyunmanageable. Conservatives and other climate change deniers tend toignore the scientific evidence and parrot fears about the catastrophic economic impact of an international climate change deal. Arecent report acknowledges the costs, but refutes conservative economicconcerns. The report was carried out by the Pembina Institute and […] Read more