Key Points from U.S. Climate Action Report

The U.S. Climate Action Report is one of the most significantdocuments on U.S. policy initiatives and actions to address climatechange. It also provides a review of federal efforts “…to increasescientific understanding of climate change, and provide foreignassistance to help other nations mitigate and adapt to the effects ofclimate change.” This is the fifth climate action […] Read more

Roadmap 2050 – European Climate Study

The EuropeanClimate Foundation (ECF) has just published a ground-breaking study put forth by McKinsey. Conducted in consultation with corporations andother organizations from the renewable and electricity sectors, itexplores options for a carbon-free European power sector by 2050. Thestudy outlines plausible ways to achieve an 80% emissions reductiontarget compared with 1990 levels from a broad European […] Read more

Koch Industries Destroys the Environment and Funds Climate Denial

Koch Industries is the second largest privately heldcompany in America and as revealed by Greenpeace they are guilty ofcrimes against the environment as well as being a leading supporter ofclimate denial groups. Koch industries has a dismal environmental record and to add insult to injury, they are pouring almost $50 million dollars per year into […] Read more

Freeing Energy Policy From the Climate Change Debate

Environmentalists have long sought to usethe threat of catastrophic global warming to persuade the public toembrace a low-carbon economy. But recent events, including the tainting of some climate research, have shown the risks of trying to link energy policy toclimate science. The 20-year effort by environmentalists to establish climate science as the primary basis for […] Read more

Explosion in U.S. Funded Climate Technology Research

From 1998 to 2009, appropriations for agencies’ work related toclimate change totaled about $99 billion; more than a third of that sumwas provided in fiscal year 2009. In addition, climate-related taxpreferences reduced tax revenues, by a much smaller amount, from whatwould have been collected in their absence. For most of that period,federal resources devoted to […] Read more

U.S. Scientists Propose New Procedures for U.N. Climate Panel

More than 235 U.S. scientists,including some of the nation’s most prominent climate researchers, arerecommending new procedures for the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel onClimate Change (IPCC), including acknowledging errors on theorganization’s website as soon as they are known. Inan open letter, the scientists, some of whom have contributed toIPCC reports, defend the quality and transparency of the […] Read more

Is Climate Change Getting in the Way of Energy Reform?

The fight over the legitimacy of climate change science in the U.S.Congress has resulted in other equally pressing concerns (regarding theuse of fossil fuels) being largely ignored.  It has caused the debateover energy reform to center largely upon greenhouse gases; but whatabout the extraction and refining process as well as some the otherenvironmental problems our […] Read more

What’s Better? Climate Change OR Climate Disruption?

A couple years ago global warming was the hot term to describe how our earth atmosphere was getting filled up with too much CO2. Then, the liberals/progressive or whatever they want to be calledthought that  global warming might be the incorrect term, becausealthough the temperature of the earth on average is increasing, in someplaces the […] Read more

Climate, Energy and the Olympics’ Future

Vancouver will never host another Olympics.  Okay, another WinterOlympics.  They could’ve much more easily held the Summer Olympicsthere these last two weeks.  In uncertain economic times the key toaffordably hosting future Olympic games will be to use existinginfrastructure and host them again as has happened in St. Moritz,Innsbruck, Lake Placid and Los Angeles. Global warming […] Read more

U.S. Climate-Change Envoy Briefs Press

MR. TONER: Good afternoon. We’re very pleased to haveSpecial Envoy Todd Stern here today to give us the lay of the land oninternational climate negotiations post-Copenhagen. As you know, inlate January, the U.S. announced that it submitted its pledge to limitor reduce greenhouse emissions under the Copenhagen Accord, as did allof the world’s major economies. […] Read more

SEC To Provide Guidance on Companies Climate Change Disclosure

Recently the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)voted to provide guidance to publicly-listed companies regarding thelevel and quality of their disclosures on climate change and its"material" impact on their businesses. The SEC action putspressure on companies to step up the quality of information andanalysis on climate risk that they provide to stockholders. This newguidance will […] Read more

Tea Party’s Climate Change Denial

TeaParty supporters deny the existence of climate change and oppose anyattempt to regulate emissions. Despite their distrust of science andresistance to civil debate, the Tea Party’s crusade is gainingmomentum. Republican organizers are hoping to channel Tea Party angerinto electing a conservative Congress in 2010 and a conservativepresident in 2012. The Tea Party movement began about […] Read more

US Supreme Court Undermines Climate Change Legislation

Ina 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States recentlyoverturned campaign finance laws. This encourages more direct spendingby corporations, unions and wealthy individuals. According to a Needham& Co. estimate, $2.8 billion will be spent in the US on issueoriented influence this year. The ruling removes restrictionsfor federal campaign financing by corporations, unions, and otherspecial […] Read more

15 Cities Vulnerable to Climate Change

Maputo, Mozambique Population: 1.1 millionLand: Coastal lowlands bordering the Indian OceanClimate: Tropical humid with an annual rainfall of 900 millimetres (mm)Major concerns: Cyclones which cause flooding, a rise in sea level and coastal erosion WorldWatch Institute Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Population: 2.1 millionLand: Contains the watersheds of four major rivers; some woodland, coastal swamps, coastal […] Read more