28 May

Extreme Weather in Australia: A Casualty of Climate Change?

The Green Market Oracle

This 2013 report from the Climate Commission offers a review of the current state of …

25 May

STUDY: Humans Caused Climate Change


A new study has proven the obvious (okay, maybe the accepted) fact that humans are …

21 Feb

Can Floating Islands Help Farmers Cut Pollution?


A report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) zeroes in on the disastrous impacts industrial farming is …

31 Jan

Technological Breakthroughs vs. A Carbon Diet

EDF Energy Exchange Blog

Over the weekend, The New Republic published an interview with President Obama, where he noted …

22 Jan

Why Black Carbon is So Important


Drastically cutting black carbon, otherwise known as everyday soot, just became even more important. Black …

08 Jan

The Climate Conundrum

The Lukewarmer's Way

The theory of global warming is solid, staid and uncontroversial. All things considered, if we …

30 Oct

Hurricane Sandy and Climate Adaptability

CleanEdison Blog

The immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is affording little time to think about the big …

24 Oct

Fastest Supercomputer in the World to Tackle Climate Change


Climate change research is getting a huge boost from one of the world’s fastest supercomputers …

10 Oct

The Future of Eco Building Materials


Designing and building an eco house, or renovating your property to make it more energy efficient is …

25 Sep

China/EU Battle Carbon Emissions


One of the world’s largest economic powerhouses has reportedly struck a deal with the European …

20 Sep

Only in China: The Umet Wooden Electric Car


One of the world’s first all-wooden cars has made its debut at the China Eurasia …

14 Sep

Clean Energy Onsets vs. Carbon Offsets


A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work in Western Kenya for the …